6 November 2023

Exceptional inspiration

The inspiration for Valérie Messika's brand new Divine Enigma luxury jewelry collection came from a fine jewelry set. In 2022, the founder and artistic director of Messika presented her new Beyond the Light high jewelry collection, including the Divine Enigma set: a majestic set with multiple rows of diamonds, at the center of which is an exceptional emerald-cut jewel. It's impossible to forget the hypnotic aura of these women's diamond jewelry pieces, so much so that Valérie Messika decided to create jewelry versions to transform them into essential, timeless pieces.

This is M

An interplay of curves and settings

The Divine Enigma luxury jewelry collection reveals its strength through three pieces of luxury jewelry entirely paved with diamonds: a necklace, a bracelet and a pair of hoop earrings available in two sizes. The lines of diamonds sometimes seem to overlap, and sometimes cross one another, as if in perfect harmony. In this dazzling ballet, the gems appear to be weightless. Hand-set with precision - the hallmark of the Maison's expertise - the gold and diamond jewelry pieces are surprisingly curved, giving the diamond its full dimension. Divine Enigma is a skilful blend of gold and diamonds, rounded curves and geometric cut-outs. The result is voluptuous, plush, ultra-precious and graphic. The epitome of luxury jewelry.

Discover the Divine Enigma luxury jewelry collection.

The diamond bracelet, icon of this new luxury jewelry collection

The centerpiece of this dazzling jewelry collection is the Divine Enigma diamond bangle bracelet. Valérie Messika has reinvented the classic diamond-paved jewelry, making it her own with contemporary, graphic and feminine contours. Its multiple rows of diamonds are perfect for any occasion. It dresses up and enhances a casual outfit. For the most beautiful of occasions, this diamond jewelry sparkles and accentuates the elegance of an evening outfit. It's also easy to mix and match with other Messika women's diamond bracelets, with its paved diamonds enhancing the other luxury jewels on your wrist.

Voluptuous and feminine

Valérie Messika's luxury Divine Enigma collection is an ode to femininity and all its sensuality. This sumptuous diamond set, worn as a ring, bracelet or earrings, makes the woman who wears it shine. Hugging the skin as closely as possible, it conveys confidence and presence. A must-have for the jewelry box of today and tomorrow.