The Little Mermaid Collection

Little Mermaid


Inspirée par le monde qui l’entoure, Valérie Messika voit dans le monde aquatique un moyen d’exprimer son art. Tout en volupté, mouvement et légèreté, elle imagine 5 parures de Haute Joaillerie en diamant autour de la taille émeraude.


Si cette dernière est souvent considérée comme une pierre statutaire et froide, la créatrice de la Maison de Joaillerie et Haute Joaillerie Messika la détourne de sa représentation première pour en faire l’objet des plus beaux ballets aquatiques, où elle ondule avec grâce. Par nature solide, elle devient ici liquide, étincelante.

Haute Haute

Haute Joaillerie


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The weightlessness and movement of the aquatic world inspired Valérie Messika for these 5 High Jewelry sets. Using the emerald-cut diamond with delicacy, Valérie Messika once again challenges the codes of High Jewelry. Grace, light and radiance flow through these highly desirable diamond jewelry pieces. The High Jewelry atelier of the Messika Maison uses its exceptional expertise and unique savoir-faire to create increasingly airy and bold designs. The simplicity of wear and highly contemporary design of this luxury jewelry collection embody High Jewelry according to Valérie Messika and its High Jewelry pieces can make every woman stand out. A Jewelry and High Jewelry Maison par excellence, Messika pays special attention to the innovation of jewelry techniques. In its atelier in the heart of Paris, exposed beams, wooden workbenches and ancestral tools live alongside graphic design and cutting-edge technology and create a successful concoction of jewelry tradition and technical innovation. From gouache to mounting, soldering, setting and polishing, all crafts are represented and contribute to bringing the most beautiful dreams to life in diamonds. Our craftspeople work away at the atelier workbenches dedicated to High Jewelry. Here, artists, model makers, CAD (computer-aided design) specialists, jewelers, gem-setters and polishers craft unique luxury jewelry for men and women. Ancestral expertise where each piece of diamond jewelry is a work of art, the fruit of a chain of talents.