Black Hawk
09 July 2019
An original and audacious set
Black Hawk

Diamonds set against wood, stones lighter than feathers. In this new diamond High Jewelry collection, diamond necklaces and other pieces of High Jewelry tame the materials and respond to this nature where diamonds become talismans, and stack like a totem. Born to Be Wild embodies the persona of a pioneering woman; a conqueror with a sensual and libertarian attitude. Farewell to the fairytale universe of Once Upon A Time, mount your steed for a wild yet previous desert ride.

This is M

Black Hawk diamond necklace, Born To Be Wild

A major diamond piece in the Born to be Wild High Jewelry collection, on the Black Hawk pink gold diamond necklace, Valérie Messika has pushed the boundaries of traditional High Jewelry by combining wood with diamonds and 18 carat pink gold.

The unique characteristics of Ziricote wood, the essence of Central America renowned for the richness of its grain, combined with the delicacy of a pink gold setting, gives this High Jewelry diamond necklace a unique dimension.

This necklace of a total weigh of 28 carats  is composed of 15 pear cut diamond of 050 carat each, 50 pear cut diamond of 0,15 carat each, 49 marquise cut diamond of 0,15ct each and 1 124 brilliant cut diamond.

Unprecedented use of wood

A true common thread with the Born to be Wild diamond jewels, the sensation of plumage is reinforced by the high level of technicity of the feather setting, a Maison signature. Some pear-cut and marquise-cut diamonds are enhanced by a half-surround of brilliant-cut diamonds.The stone is thereby elongated, with its perspective and volume enhanced. This jewelling technique also makes it possible to give volume to the piece since the stone in the middle is set one level above its frame.