Lucky Move Color
20 May 2021
Lucky Move Color

Calming and desirable, in 2021 turquoise features on a mini version of the medallion. A diamond jewelry piece for women to wear around the neck, on the hand or on the wrist. Infinitely profound, the turquoise blue is intoxicating. A source of freedom and light.

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The sparkle of its myriad of reflections make it a unique and distinctive stone. Like a chameleon, the pure white of the mother-of-pearl transforms into a rainbow as it moves. Whether in the form of a mini medallion necklace, diamond bracelet or diamond ring, white mother-of-pearl encourages you to be yourself.

As fascinating as it is symbolic, malachite is forever a source of inspiration for Valérie Messika. Here, presented as a mini medallion around your neck, on your wrist or on your finger, the deep green of this luxury piece of jewelry and its thousand gradient bands reveal all the elegance and majesty of the wearer.

Magnetic, intoxicating and almost hypnotic, the Lucky Move in lapis lazuli shines with the light of a thousand suns. In deep blue with gold specks, the mini medallion diamond necklaces, bracelets and rings for women are the real must-have of the season. To be worn both day and night.