My Twin
18 March 2019
Gigi Hadid rocks My Twin
My Twin

Twice as sensual

With Gigi Hadid, Messika celebrates the perfect union between the diamond pear cut and the diamond emerald cut of the My Twin jewelry collection. As our muse, the famous model puts a finishing touch to the iconic diamond jewels of the collection for a modern, elegance and rock n’roll result.


In a modernized version of the timeless Toi & Moi, Valérie Messika suggests a new way of sealing one’s love, via the unexpected marriage of two different cuts of diamonds. The sensual and sparkling diamond pear shape echoes the stylized and hypnotic diamond emerald cut. Between opposition and twinship, the stones call out to one another, and complement each other in a resplendent ‘pas de deux’ without actually touching. The stones unveil their radiance in turn with each movement.

In the duo version, My Twin reinterprets the classic Toi & Moi in an architectural way where the emerald and the pear cuts are attracted to each other. In the Trilogy version, Valerie Messika combines three cuts of diamonds and pays tribute to her favourite number. She goes further by imagining diamond wedding ring where the juxtaposed diamonds celebrate endless love.

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My Twin