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What could be more symbolic for a couple than an engagement ring? It's all about finding the perfect piece of jewelry to celebrate your love. Messika shares its golden rules for choosing the diamond engagement ring that suits you best.

Engagement ring: Concorde diamond solitaire

There are no wrong choices

First of all, rest assured: when it comes to engagement rings, you can't go wrong! Remember that this diamond ring is above all a gesture of love, so make this choice from the heart, that's all that matters.

Listen to your needs and desires first! Marriage is a moment of happiness: the engagement ring of your dreams is above all the ring that meets as many of your criteria as possible, and the ring that you instinctively prefer!

Find out more

Before investing in a diamond engagement ring, it's best to know a little about the subject. Don't hesitate to visit the boutique and ask any questions you may have before choosing a model: our experts will be delighted to let you try on the creations and answer any questions you may have.

Messika offers a range of diamond engagement rings, from the most classic to the most original, in all stone cuts, from cushion to pear-shaped and oval. It's up to you to decide which gold colour suits your style, which setting is right for you and which diamond shape you like best!

Diamond engagement ring close-up
Diamond solitaire: diamond engagement ring

A few reminders to help you choose your diamond engagement ring

When choosing your diamond engagement ring, it's important to remember a few key elements:

1. Choose your diamond cut carefully.
Whether it's a classic shape with a brilliant-cut diamond ring or a more unusual style with a marquise-cut diamond, the brilliance of each diamond is unique

2. Diamond expertise is a crucial factor to consider when buying a diamond engagement ring.
With its strong values and know-how, the Messika House of fine jewelry uses its expertise to design diamond jewelry that is both daring and in keeping with traditional jewelry craftsmanship.

3. Finally, don't forget the 4C's rule which defines diamond quality standards.

Diamond solitaire: a timeless engagement ring

About diamond and gold rings

Messika engagement rings also feature diamonds and are available in a range of colors of gold.

A yellow gold ring will retain its colour and sparkle without fading.
Refined white gold is the perfect partner for diamonds, making a timeless engagement ring you'll never tire of.
A more original choice is a pink gold engagement ring with a unique look that is both modern and warm.

  1. My Twin Toi & Moi 0.15ct x2 White Gold For Her Diamond Ring 06471-WG
    My Twin Toi & Moi 0.15ct x2
    White Gold Diamond Ring
  2. M-Love Solitaire Brilliant Cut  White Gold For Her Diamond Ring 08183-WG
    M-Love Solitaire Brilliant Cut
    White Gold Diamond Ring
  3. Solitaire Cushion Cut Pavé
    Solitaire Cushion Cut Pavé
    White Gold Diamond Ring
  4. Move Romane  White Gold For Her Diamond Ring 06516-WG
    Move Romane
    White Gold Diamond Ring
Engagement ring: diamond solitaire

Still haven't found what you're looking for?

Contact our experts to help you decide!
And if you still can't find what you're looking for, why not opt for a custom-made Messika creation? Exceptional diamonds, special diamond cuts, original designs... Let your imagination run wild as you design the diamond engagement ring of your dreams!