RGAA accessibility statement 4.0


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Table of Contents

  • Reproduction rights
  • Accessibility statement
  • Compliance status
  • Test results
  • Non-accessible content
  • Non-conformity
  • Derogations for disproportionate loading
  • Content exempt from the accessibility obligations
  • Creation of this accessibility declaration
  • Technology used in the creation of Messika, https://www.messika.com
  • Testing environment
  • Tools to evaluate accessibility
  • Web pages subject to a compliance check
  • Feedback and contact
  • Appeal procedures

Accessibility statement

MESSIKA GROUP is committed to making its internet, intranet and extranet sites accessible in accordance with article 47 of French law no. 2005-102 of 11 February 2005.

This accessibility statement applies to www.messika.com.

Compliance status

Messika, https://www.messika.com is in partial compliance with the General Accessibility Guidelines (RGAA), version 4.0 due to the non-conformities and deviations listed below.

Test results

The compliance audit conducted by Matthieu Marseille from Ekino reveals that:

  • 36% of the RGAA version 4.0 criteria are met
  • The average compliance rate of the site is 42.9%

Non-accessible content


Access to the RGAA audit table: https://www.messika.com/media/documents/Messika-grille-audit.xlsx

Derogations for disproportionate loading

The use of third party solutions such as OneTrust, YouTube, Podcastics, Google Maps, Adyen, Alma and Zoid are subject to derogations for disproportionate loading.

Content exempt from the accessibility obligations


Creation of this accessibility declaration

This statement was made on Thursday 22 December 2022.

Technology used in the creation of Messika, https://www.messika.com 

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Magento

Testing environment

The content rendering checks were carried out using the combination provided by the RGAA 4.0 reference base, with the following versions:

  • Chrome v108.0.5359.98 (MacOS/Windows)
  • Firefox v108.0.1 (MacOS/Windows)
  • Safari (MacOS) v16.1
  • WebAIM Wave (browser extension)
  • Validator w3c (online service)

Tools to evaluate accessibility

  • Voice Over (MacOS/iOS)
  • WebAIM Contrast checker
  • NVDA (Windows)
  • Talkback (Android)

Web pages subject to a compliance check

  1. Home page https://www.messika.com/ 
  2. Category https://www.messika.com/fr/joaillerie 
  3. Search https://www.messika.com/fr/catalogsearch/result/?q=Bijou 
  4. Product https://www.messika.com/fr/bracelet-diamant-or-rose-move-uno-10051-pg 
  5. Services https://www.messika.com/fr/services-achat 
  6. Returns https://www.messika.com/fr/retours 
  7. Basket https://www.messika.com/fr/checkout/cart/ 
  8. Delivery https://www.messika.com/fr/checkout/#shipping 
  9. Payment https://www.messika.com/fr/checkout/#payment 
  10. Editing an account https://www.messika.com/fr/customer/account/edit/ 
  11. Wishlist https://www.messika.com/fr/wishlist/ 
  12. Our Boutiques https://www.messika.com/fr/nos-boutiques 
  13. Contact https://www.messika.com/fr/contact 
  14. Newsletter (Subscription) https://www.messika.com/fr/newsletter 
  15. Players https://www.messika.com/fr/actualites/messikatv?page=2 
  16. Podcast https://www.messika.com/fr/podcast-messika 
  17. Items https://www.messika.com/fr/actualites/interview-valerie-messika-haute-joaillerie-beyond-the-light 
  18. Cookies https://www.messika.com/fr/politique-de-cookies 
  19. FAQ https://www.messika.com/fr/vos-questions 
  20. Fine Jewellery https://www.messika.com/fr/haute-joaillerie/collections/beyond-the-light 
  21. Retail Category https://www.messika.com/fr/joaillerie/categories/bague-diamant 
  22. Landing Product https://www.messika.com/fr/selection-noel-bijoux-diamant-messika 


Feedback and contact

If you are unable to access any content or service, you can contact the person in charge of the MESSIKA GROUP, www.messika.com to be directed to an accessible alternative or receive the content in another format.

Appeal procedures

This procedure is to be used in the following scenario:

You have notified the website operator of an accessibility issue that prevents you from accessing content or services on the site and you have not received a satisfactory response.