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There are some moments in life that deserve special attention. Now more than ever, a diamond ring for women is sure to be a cherished and unforgettable gift. Defying the norm, these stylish jewelry pieces can be worn by both men and women. Here, Messika has put together a thorough guide for avoiding any faux pas with this emblematic luxury gift.

Diamond rings,
combining an emblem with new trends

What better way to remember a milestone forever or celebrate an achievement than with an emblematic ring? While gifting a women’s diamond ring is certainly no small event, luxury jewelry today relieves it of some the traditional pressure. No longer just for engagements, diamond rings now offer a multitude of timeless and stylish alternative uses. These luxury gifts defy the codes to celebrate your most precious moments.

The solitaire is reimagined in an eveningwear or cocktail-dress style with a unique design. If you’re looking for beautiful, original jewelry pieces to give as a gift, paved fine diamond rings offer just the right level of shine without going over the top. Today, these luxury jewelry pieces also come in bigger versions, including double diamond rings or rings across two or three fingers, embellishing the whole hand. Genuine designer pieces to gift to others or yourself to celebrate personal achievements straight away. Wear a piece full of positivity every day!

Why should you gift diamond jewelry?

If you’re looking for a luxury ring with a stone that shines exceptionally like no other to give as a gift, choose diamonds. Queen of the gems, a diamond’s whiteness and unique shine makes it universally timeless. This stone’s aura perfectly accompanies any style. Whether discreet and paved or XXL with a center stone, a diamond on a gold ring is the gem that makes any hand shine.

For men or women, the purity of its colour frees it from stereotypes. It crosses styles and generations to remain the ultimate luxury gift that never fails to please. Symbolic, the diamond ring for women transmits its radiance from one generation to the next. A rare and precious stone, it has become iconic thanks to its hardness. On top of that, a diamond ring can be worn during the day as well as at night, without losing its shine over the years.

A gift with eternal energy that will never be lost in time.

Glam'Azone Diamond Ring

How to be sure of your choice: top tips for the perfect diamond ring gift.

Which diamond ring will they like the best? A ring in white gold, pink gold or yellow gold? Have I made the right choice? Here are some tips to put your mind at ease.
The first rule is to look for daily clues: observe their style, what they’re wearing and what’s in their jewelry box.
- If they like big pieces with bold designs, go for a daring diamond ring like a double ring or a signet ring.
- If they like more fluid and delicate jewelry, choose a subtle fine diamond ring to go perfectly with their other pieces.
Think about their skin tone and hair. Then choose the gold diamond ring that best fits. The warm tones of yellow gold and diamond rings perfectly complement brown and tanned skin, while the more universal white gold enhances all complexions, including very light ones. Pink gold diamond rings add a delicate touch and go perfectly with light brown, red or blonde hair.
Most Messika jewelry collections are available in three shades of gold, so be sure to visit one of our boutiques to help you make your choice.

What criteria to follow to gift the perfect diamond ring

A gift is precious like the bond between two people. So it’s important to be certain of the quality of the stones you're gifting. To ensure you choose the right gold diamond ring, use the 4C criteria for reference:

- Carat, for weight (1 carat weighs 0.2 grams);
- Clarity, which is measured in inclusions (ranging from perfectly pure F to VS2);
- Colour variation graded from D (colourless) to Z (darker) - note that Messika is committed to exceptional standards and only sets stones from D to G;
- Cut, which determines the size of the diamond, as well as its shape and facets. The number of facets is important for the stone's shine. It also has a direct effect on a diamond ring’s general design. Whether round, emerald, pear, marquise or fancy, each cut will make your diamond jewelry unique.

And now there’s a 5th C: Certification. The excellence of a diamond ring is also reflected in its traceability and ethical standards. All Messika diamond jewelry is GIA certified and subject to the Kimberley process, guaranteeing the integrity of their origin.

  1. Move Uno Yellow Gold For Her Diamond Ring 04705-YG
    Move Uno
    Yellow Gold Diamond Ring
  2. Move Link White Gold For Her Diamond Ring 12728-WG
    Move Link
    White Gold Diamond Ring
  3. D-Vibes SM White Gold For Her Diamond Ring 12990-WG
    D-Vibes SM
    White Gold Diamond Ring
  4. My Twin Toi & Moi 0.15ct x2 Yellow Gold For Her Diamond Ring 06471-YG
    My Twin Toi & Moi 0.15ct x2
    Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

How to choose the right size when gifting a diamond ring

To keep this exceptional gift a surprise, you’ll have to be discrete. When it comes to rings, choosing the size isn’t straightforward. If you don’t know the recipient’s ring size, the best thing to do is take a quick peek at one of their other pieces. Measure it discreetly using the reference table created by Messika, comparing the circumference with the size guide. If you have more time, you can also come and measure it at a Messika boutique. Make sure you’re measuring for the right finger. If the diamond ring is for the ring finger, make sure to bring a piece that’s worn on that finger, too.
When gifting a women’s ring, keep in mind that the average ring finger size is between 50 and 54, and around 60 for a man.

Gifting a classic, emblematic diamond ring for women

A unique luxury gift, the diamond ring is an iconic piece that stands the test of time. Here’s an overview of the most iconic women’s diamond rings to have in your jewelry box:
An iconic design, the Solitaire is the jeweler’s ultimate expression of style. Perfect execution is required to enhance the shine of the center stone and to perfectly adjust it to the finger. Go for twice as many diamonds with a Toi & Moi ring from the My Twin collection. This jewelry classic was inspired by Joséphine de Beauharnais’ engagement ring.
The iconic Diamond Rivière is also used to make rings that sparkle all the way to your fingertips. A heritage design, the diamond signet ring is reborn in contemporary and ultra-stylish designs. Its brilliance crosses generations.

Don’t hesitate to visit us at one of our Messika boutiques to help you choose from the diamond rings for women and discover these iconic jewelry pieces with our help.