Neon Pulse
28 July 2022
My Move Novelties
Neon Pulse

Messika invites you to experience the summer through freedom and beauty! As diamonds sparkle and the colours put on a show, neon takes center stage in a sweet and sour summer. Don’t wait any longer and indulge yourself with our new My Move bracelets!

This is M

Colour is the new black
My Move is the perfect definition of a bracelet that you can change, be creative with and transform as you please. A bit like borrowing your lover’s sweatshirt, steal their My Move bracelet. Transformable to taste, it will quickly become your new must-have. This summer, Valérie Messika adds three new shades of leather to her iconic My Move Jewelry collection: a hypnotic yellow, an electric pink and an incandescent orange. Luminous and bright colours with a summer feel, where the material is alive with the sun. The perfect luxury jewelry to wear to the beach or in the evening.

Change and play with the colour of your leather strap to emphasize your tan!

Neon colours are fascinating. They have that particular ability to catch the eye. These colours make the light burst; they absorb the rays and reflect them naturally. This gives them a very strong aura, and that’s what I wanted to achieve with these new pieces. "

Valérie Messika