Boutique Messika
01 September 2021
Rue Pierre Charon
Boutique Messika

At the end of June 2021, the Messika Jewelry and High Jewelry Maison once again set up shop in the Parisian Golden Triangle by opening a splendid showcase with its partner Arije. The 90m² boutique, located at 46 Rue Pierre Charron, was designed by both the Arije and Messika Maisons.


Upon entering, the customer is immediately immersed in a refined environment with luxurious materials, reflecting the common values of both Maisons. With the symmetry of the design, the transparency of the windows, marble flooring and black and white details, the two Maisons showcase Messika diamond jewelry and invite you to discover it in a magical environment.

All the iconic diamond jewelry collections are on display: the timeless Move collection, as well as the Glam’Azone, My Twin and Lucky Move diamond collections... Customers will also be able to discover some unique High Jewelry sets created by our artisan jewelers.

46 rue Pierre Charon,
75008, Paris
Phone : +33 1 47 20 36 46