Journées de la Haute Joaillerie
12 July 2021
Magnetic Attraction
Journées de la Haute Joaillerie

To sense them, touch them, enjoy their presence and feel their energy once again. Things that once seemed trivial to us, are now extremely important. As the world slowly awakens, light seems to come alive again. The only challenge: finding its place in this new social ballet where the relationship to the other has changed. Movement is a central design aspect at Messika, and today it is more important than ever before. As if learning to move and sharing the passion for life again, the designer makes diamonds dance in a sunny and colorful High Jewelry collection. Playing with contrasts, from XXL hoop earrings, yellow diamonds to unique stone combinations, she has designed 20 spectacular luxury jewelry pieces. True technical feats, where the pears dangle gracefully inside their golden ring, “back to back” or levitating in a delicate pas de deux

This is M

Pear Lover

Dancing to find one another. To touch and feel each other’s strength again, like when embracing and tender gestures were synonymous with freedom.

This High Jewelry set celebrates the pear-cut diamond in all its sizes, mixing the brilliance of the white diamond with the sunlight of the yellow diamond. The pears, also known as “tears of the gods”, are transformed into tears of joy. Connected in a joyful circle symbolising the return of life and encounters, the stones seem to spin in one direction, then in another. A crazy, almost hypnotic energy emanates from this set mixing short rivière necklaces with modern-day ear jewelry in a daring style so typical of the Parisian Maison.


Magnetic Love

What is this force that binds us to each other? Sometimes, this bond takes the shape of a simple line of diamonds. Each looking in their own direction, the stones seem forever separated. Independent, solitary. And yet, not that much. In a graceful pas de deux, the diamonds pirouette, turning their backs and getting swept away in this spiral.

The mono diamond earring trio enhances this set. The front of the earring is adorned with a sparkling pear in pure white. On the back, two marquise-cut diamonds. One is a delicate pink, the other a royal blue. Three unique diamonds for a look as bold as a sunny and colorful dance.


Pear Appeal

Face-to-face or back-to-back, the sumptuous yellow pear-cut diamonds in this set create a clever pas de deux. It’s well known that opposites attract. Featuring a double entourage of gold and diamonds, the magnetic field surrounding them creates a halo of light.

The incredible stones appear to stretch out, attracted by opposing forces. The ensemble could be Pharaonic given the incredible size of the stones. But that is not the case. The asymmetry of the upper and lower parts allows for a swinging movement that brings grace to the ensemble. On the ring, the stones appear to be moving towards each other. The setting fades away to leave an ethereal feeling.


This is M

Dancing on air

In this bohemian-style set, strength and delicacy clash in an unparalleled game of gravity. An audacious set that mixes the modern trends that Valerie Messika holds so dear: the mono hoop earring, diamond ankle bracelet and hand bracelet. The same magic is brought to each one of these High Jewelry diamond designs.

One pear-cut diamond holds another exceptional pear-cut diamond at the end of a diamond-set chain. The powerful diamond, the queen of gems that the Greeks considered untameable, contrasts with the delicacy of the chain, which, like a thread of light, holds the diamond in place with an incredible lightness. A balancing act, it is reminiscent of an aerial ballet. Two stones connected by a simple thread whisper to each other about the strength of their bond.


Diamond Magnet

Like the opposing poles of magnets, diamonds of different shapes, colors and sizes are drawn to each other. On the verge of reconnecting, the stones remain separated by an impervious line, in the form of a river of emerald-cut diamonds.

From one design to another, a bracelet or single or double diamond rings, this line takes on multiple forms that become more refined but never completely disappear, like a magnetic dance. A beautiful metaphor for a “back-to-back” that celebrates union while preserving individuality.