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Wild Moon

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The Wild Moon High Jewelry diamond set highlights the lines of the “Squash Blossom” in the shape of an upside-down moon. With a boho-chic twist, the designer revisits the shape of the crescent moon with a feminine diamond set. The marquise and pear diamonds gently bow and change, taking the shape of a crescent moon. Lines of flawlessly suspended diamonds that seem to float in a modern dance. A central theme of the diamond jewelry from the Born to be Wild High Jewelry collection, the technicality of the feather setting is once again highlighted. This technique of jewelling also adds volume to the jewelry, as the center diamond is set one level higher than its surrounding stones. Valérie Messika designs High Jewelry pieces like Haute Couture garments. Every piece of diamond jewelry is designed while considering the effect it will create when the body moves. It is an attitude that women adopt when wearing a Messika creation. Architect of the time, Valérie Messika transcends the magic of diamond through lightweight and ethereal constructions, a reflection of our era in which women dream of being modern-day princesses. Radiant, elegant but furiously free in their movement.