Sun Tribe
20 May 2019
Like a radiant sun
Sun Tribe

Another novelty for Messika is the use of yellow gold on a High Jewelry diamond piece. Everything is done to convey the idea of a radiant sun. In this new High Jewelry collection, diamond necklaces and other unique pieces tame materials and respond to this nature where the diamond becomes a talisman, a totem.

This is M

Sun Tribe diamond necklace, Born To Be Wild

Guaranteed to completely blow you away. This necklace in yellow gold and diamond shines with a downpour of 109 marquise-cut and pear-cut diamonds. The solar spirit of this diamond piece is conveyed in the work on its lines: gradient of yellow gold bars, random rhythm of the marquise-cut diamonds on each layer. To perfect this shimmering effect, some stones are set off by a semi-circle of micro-set diamonds on the lower part of the stone.

A unique diamond creation that will require 500 hours of work from the master jewelers and master setters.

A unique technical prowess

With excellence for leitmotiv, this diamond piece is based on flexibility : each layer is articulated and threaded onto a corded chain which is placed directly around the neck. This sensation is reinforced by the high level of technicity of the feather setting which also take part of this high jewelry diamond creation.

A technical prowess brilliantly achieved by the craftsmen of the “Atelier des Rêves” to give flexibility, volume and movement to this unique diamond jewel.

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