18 July 2019
by Messika

Getting engaged is one of the most beautiful and powerful statements of love a couple can make. An intoxicating time, rich in unforgettable feelings and emotions, which the Maison Messika can make even more sublime by marking it with a truly timeless gem.

Madly, passionately, and for life!

Why not get a little help from the expert jewelers at the Maison Messika, who’ll take you through the various steps that will help you land upon the perfect diamond engagement ring: a golden opportunity to change your life with a diamond that is unique and unequalled.

This is M

A marriage of romance, innovation and audacity

The Maison Messika’s renowned expertise in diamond jewelry is at your disposal, along with our vast savoir-faire in the design of original jewelry creations, will help you craft your own diamond ring.

A tailor-made composition that will serve as the symbolic representation of your love story. Imagine yourself being carried off to a universe of sensual romance, where the diamond is exalted, furiously chic and even rebellious, and where new wear jewelry has a place on the guest list for your upcoming wedding.

100% tailor-made, 100% diamond

To make this happen, our dedicated Ambassadors start by welcoming you to the boutique, in order to learn more about your life-changing plans and will listen carefully to your ideas, guiding you step by step from the ring design to choosing the color of the gold and all the characteristics of the central stone. Each step will be taken slowly and with precision.

Your exceptional diamond ring will then be crafted with the greatest level of precision, deftly composed by our master jewelers at our workshop in Paris.  Your diamond engagement ring will serve as a faithful extension of your love.

Personalized weddings at Messika

  • Receive a unique and personalized experience
  • Our Ambassadors will welcome you (alone or as a couple) at the Messika boutique
  • Detailed description of your project
  • Discussion and advice on your expectations
  • Validation of your made-to-measure diamond ring
  • Design of your unique diamond ring