30 March 2022

Messika enters the world of the DREST metaverse with Kate Moss.
Fashion legend Kate Moss steps into the DREST universe for two weeks from March 28th as the styling game’s first guest avatar. Players on DREST, the world’s first luxury fashion mobile styling game, are invited to style Kate Moss using pieces from the supermodel’s stunning collaboration with Parisian High Jewellery Maison Messika, together with clothes and accessories from the 250+ luxury brands available in DREST.

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It was incredible to see the avatar DREST has made of me, and I enjoyed being involved in the creative process, just as I did when designing my high jewellery collection for Messika. The pieces Valérie Messika and I created work well in the game because there are many styling options. DREST will bring the collection to a whole new audience, and I’m excited to see how the players will style me over the next two weeks. My tip? You can never wear too many diamonds!” Kate Moss

DREST stylists will use one Messika by Kate Moss piece in each photoshoot, which will be free for all players to use exclusively in Kate’s dedicated styling challenges. The collection features necklaces, bracelets, earrings and hairpieces. Furthermore, Messika will be rewarding one DREST stylist with a pavé Baby Move pendant in yellow gold. The winning stylist will be chosen by Kate herself, as she picks one favourite look from all the challenge entries.

I’m excited to see gamers engage with the Messika challenge in the DREST metaverse and how they style avatar and icon, Kate Moss. It’s always been important to me that people are playful with diamonds and experiment with fine jewelry in the same way as fashion. High jewelry should not intimidate, there are no rules and diamonds should never be seen as occasional wear.” Valérie Messika