My Move
16 June 2021
Euro 2021
My Move

“I hope that giving a limited edition My Move bracelet to all my teammates and coaching staff will bring us good luck. ” Hugo Lloris, Captain of the French football team


Team bonding
After more than a year of social distancing, Valérie Messika sheds light on the unique and fundamental role of the 26 players of the French football team who, together, have the power to thrill 67 million French people. 26 players who embody a strong, united France; a France that fights to win. Impressed by their commitment and sense of collective effort, Valérie suggested that Hugo Lloris design a personalised piece of jewelry with all the players' names and numbers, which would bind them together like a talisman, on and off the pitch. What if the French team, already two times world champions, has found their trademark jewel?

The Maison's new must-have, the interchangeable My Move bracelet, available in titanium and set with an adjustable diamond, featuring a navy-blue rubber strap with white and red topstitching. Need we remind you that the origin of the word diamond is Adamas in Greek, which means "invincible"? Inspiring ambassador Captain Lloris chose to give this bracelet to all his teammates and their partners; their biggest fans to form a unique link that unites them all. Like a tribal jewel, this bracelet commemorates the ceremonial and sacred role that jewelry has always played. So is the French team actually invincible? We really hope so. But above all, we hope to laugh, cry, shiver and smile together by their side! Allez les Bleus!