Neo Jewelry
31 July 2019
Earrings Clip
Neo Jewelry

Dressed up from lobe to tip, ears are the new way to make a statement. Valérie Messika,chose this year to accessorise the entire ear and not just the lobe.

This is M

Diamond and gold earrings are this year’s hottest trend. Be careful though, because we’re not talking about that classic pair of little, sensible diamond earrings – anything but! Don’t hold back with asymmetry and take risks with new jewelry trends. To best pull off this chic and rebellious trend, Valérie Messika has designed diamond clip earrings to wear along the edge of the ear

Diamonds are in levitation around the ear, from the lobe to the helix. A true creative outlet for Valérie Messika, the ear clips can be stacked depending on ones desires and  will add the perfect touch to even the simplest of outfits. There is no need for piercing, because this women’s single diamond earring holds in place with an ingenious clip system.