27 April 2020
Messika is joining forces

Launched by the famous French humorist Anne Roumanoff on 23 March, the charity Solidarité avec les Soignants aims at resourcing, ordering and delivering all over France protective equipment for nursing staff, our heros!

This is M

The jewlery Maison, Messika, moved by this initiative, has made a commitment to the charity with a first donation and also by rallying its community and launching Messika Solidaire.
The aim of this action is to raise funds via the participation of internet users by responding to the urgent medical equipment needs for French nursing staff.

To support them, simply post a photo of your choice on Instagram or Facebook with the text #SolidariteSoignants written on a paper and use the same # in the comments area or as a tag. For each post, Messika will make a donation to Solidarité avec les Soignants.

The charity has also put an online kitty to help finance the needs of nursing staff on his social medias and official website.