Born To Be Wild
02 April 2019
Baselword 2019
Born To Be Wild

“I like to travel, to get away…

With Born to be Wild, I wanted to inject a state of mind, a feeling of getting away. Between fantasies and imagination, the desert acts on mankind like a revealer, living up to and surpassing itself. The North American desert, more than any other, leaves you speechless, and we feel like no one and someone at the same time….”

This is M

Calamity Jane, Easy Rider, fantastic rides and huge desert plains…I wanted to center my new High Jewelry collection around the Wild West.

The so-aptly named Wild West has always captured our imaginations. Wide open spaces, these silent immensities have fueled my desire to escape, this wish to reconnect with powerful, wild nature. Opening onto infinite possibilities, it meets a need for freedom that resonates perfectly with my dream of a modern jewelry that is moving, free of all constraints.

What better celebration of power nature, than the integration into the history of Maison Messika of materials other than precious metals or my queen of stones, the diamond.

Diamonds on wood, stones lighter than feathers. In this new High Jewelry collection, necklaces and other pieces of High Jewelry tame the materials and respond to this nature where diamonds become a talisman, a totem.

Born to Be Wild embodies this pioneering lady, a conqueror with a sensual and libertarian attitude. Goodbye to the fairytale universe of Once Upon A Time, mount your steed for a Road Trip to a mineral desert, wild but insanely precious.