24 November 2020
Spotlight on the secrets behind the collaboration

For the second year in a row, supermodel Kate Moss is the face of the Messika Jewelry Maison. In 3 powerful character shots, the icon playfully reveals the nuances of Move with 3 signature looks.

This is M



Kate Moss playfully works with the Move Classique Jewelry collection. She combines Noa bangles with Flex Uno bangle bracelets and Skinny bracelets to create an ultra-desirable look on the wrist. The supermodel even mixes and matches on her fingers with Move Uno and Move Noa diamond rings in combination with the Gatsby diamond wedding ring. The stacking trend cherished by the Jewelry Maison has never been so beautifully portrayed..



In front of a fire-coloured Eiffel Tower, Kate Moss showcases the Move 10th jewelry collection with a very couture twist. Known for the finesse of its lines and the lightness of its curves, Move embodies strength and character. Already available as a long necklace or diamond earrings, this year it makes its grand debut on the wrist with openwork bangle bracelets to stack for a colourful rainbow of gold and diamonds.



With a magnetic blue Eiffel Tower in the background, Kate Moss hypnotises. Displaying the Lucky Move motif from her ears to her hands, including her wrist and neck, the fashion icon captivates on screen. A fiery gaze, a juxtaposition of Lucky Move Classic and Color diamond necklaces, and a masculine-feminine look: a winning trio for a signature shot, reflecting the explosive collaboration between the supermodel and the Messika Jewelry and High Jewelry Maison.