Messika 2023 Campaign
20 March 2023
Take a ride with Messika

Valérie Messika has freely drawn creative inspiration from American cinema for the 2023 campaign, which stars Kendall Jenner and famous dancer and actor Alton Mason in the leading roles. A jewelry shoot that was expertly directed by international fashion photographer Chris Colls in the desert of Palm Springs. The inspiring duo of Valérie Messika and the renowned photographer have created a multi-faceted campaign in which Kendall Jenner and Alton Mason bring diamond jewels to life. A truly spectacular production in ode to American cinema.


A free and sensual road movie with Kendall Jenner

With her powerful gaze, Kendall Jenner poses with pride as she continues her collaboration with the Messika Jewelry and High Jewelry Maison. A campaign that seems to be a fitting tribute to the young model's passion for iconic American cars. The model embodies the image of the Messika woman with a mysterious and hypnotic aura, who stands out from the crowd and is comfortable in her own skin. With an aesthetic common to Messika, Kendall Jenner, through this campaign, promotes the neo-stacking of women's diamond jewelry from the Move diamond jewelry collection, inviting you to express yourself and create your own look.

“Kendall has a very powerful natural presence in front of the lens. With one look, she is there. She embodies values that resonate perfectly with us: she is an accomplished and assertive woman, always right on trend. Here lies the strength of Messika, a Maison perfectly in tune with the times.” — Valérie Messika, Founder and Artistic Director of Messika

Alton Mason, deep within the American desert

A decisively modern and unisex shoot that encourages uninhibited styles, as powerfully embodied by Alton Mason. The famous American dancer is also writing a new chapter in his relationship with the Jewelry and High Jewelry Maison. Since the fashion show last September, a mutual and sincere bond has been forged between the dancer and Messika, revealed through this powerful campaign. Deeply rooted in the world of fashion, always on the move, he dances and makes films while also resonating with the energy of Messika.

Messika 2023 Campaign