Baselworld 2017
02 December 2018
International Jewelry Show
Baselworld 2017

Ten years was all it took to disrupt and revolutionize the place of women in society. Ten years during which women were liberated and emancipated. Ten years that turned Paris, the world capital of creativity, into an intellectual magnet for the avant-garde.

Dancing, Painting, Haute Couture... Women took control of a world that had belonged exclusively to men and reinvented its codes to the point of defining modernity itself. Ten joyful and intoxicating years of celebration, overflowing with creativity.

With this new collection of unique pieces, Valérie Messika offers us liberated and contemporary High Jewelry inspired by this festive Paris, its social and cultural mania and its illustrious women, who reinvented their gender through various artistic disciplines.

"The 1920s was a founding decade in the world of fashion and in the arts in general. The decade marked the beginning of modernity. Narrower volumes, clean lines, the search for freedom of movement, ethnic influences... These are all the ingredients that guide my
creative approach to how a piece of jewelry for women should look in the 21st century."

Baselworld 2017