A touch of light
05 May 2021
A unique jewelry box: romantic effect guaranteed.
A touch of light

Declaring your love to a loved one is an important moment in your life, the ceremony around this magical event should be celebrated with an equally magical piece of jewelry. This moment marks a huge milestone and will forever be part of the story of this unforgettable surprise.

This is M

This jewelry box adds to the magic of giving and receiving, and at Messika we pay special attention to that. Under a starry sky, in the desert at night, near a lake, after a stroll in Paris or under the moonlight... so many magical proposals and declarations of love have been enhanced by the light-up jewelry box, designed by Valérie Messika.

A jewelry box for every occasion: covered in white and pink gold for our wedding collections, or graphite grey for our jewelry collections. This jewelry box is a true witness of your love, equipped with an invisible light which, once opened, illuminates and enhances the jewel with a thousand sparkles. A jewelry box that highlights the expertise, audacity and originality of the Maison and brings an extra touch of enchantment to these exceptional moments, making them even more unforgettable and unique.

The light-up box adds to the wonder and delight of finding the jewel inside. Upon opening the box, whichever diamond jewelry you have chosen will be enhanced: from rings and necklaces, to earrings and bracelets, this magic jewelry box makes all jewels sparkle. Diamonds, in all their purity, have never looked as beautiful or as brilliant as they do under the spotlight of this precious box.