A guide to timeless jewelry

An absolute must-have, the diamond bracelet for women is a style icon and trusted fashion accessory that has stood the test of time. This piece of luxury jewelry is continually reinterpreted with delicate contours, powerful links, sparkling diamonds and innovative techniques. A spotlight on the diamond bracelet: a jewelry icon that has never been bettered.

Move Noa Luxury Diamond Bracelet

The gold diamond bracelet for women, a versatile piece of jewelry

Supple or rigid, in gold or leather, rock or bohemian, the gold diamond bracelet for women is undoubtedly the piece of jewelry that comes in the widest variety of shapes and lines. Infinite designs due to the long history of diamond jewelry that traverses all cultures and eras. A symbol of wealth and status, it cements itself as more than just an exquisite fashion accessory.
Gold diamond bracelets for women add a unique style and a very personal aura to any wearer. They bring a touch of radiance to everyday life. When stacked, they jingle on the wrist with an unforgettable sound: the subtle clink of gold and diamonds. A unique style and sound that Messika showcases with its iconic Move Noa and Move Romane bangle bracelets.

The diamond bracelet in all its forms: a guide to every model.

Four types of diamond bracelet stand out from the many variations, each with its own charm and aesthetic appeal:
The supple diamond chain bracelet is available in various delicate variations, often adorned with the signature motif, or in designs featuring bolder links. A stylish variation, the gourmette bracelet instantly brings a touch of urban-chic to any look. The iconic diamond bangle is a band of gold and diamonds. Its modern design, whether polished or pavé, adds the perfect touch of elegance. An ultra-fashionable variation, the diamond cuff bracelet powerfully dresses the entire wrist and slips on easily for a touch of charm. A unison of style and substance, the diamond bracelet for women is also available in leather or coloured cord.
Today, the diamond bracelet for women is no longer confined to just the wrist, but can also adorn the hand or ankle. Don’t hesitate to discover these new looks by checking out Messika’s range of diamond ankle bracelets.

The Tennis bracelet: the iconic piece of diamond jewelry

An alliance between eternity and timeless chic, the Tennis bracelet or Diamond Rivière is an iconic piece of jewelry by definition. A legendary creation that every woman dreams of wearing on her wrist. But what makes it so desirable? Could it be the aura of its stones - the queen of gems brought to life in a cascading motif? Or maybe its name, forever associated with the unforgettable moment at the 1978 US Open when American tennis player Chris Evert stopped the match to retrieve her diamond rivière bracelet?
Once reserved for special occasions, theTennis bracelet is now the new symbol of everyday elegance. This resurgence is undoubtedly due to the technical innovation of certain models, that allow them to be worn with ever more comfort and freedom. Don’t hesitate to visit one of the Messika boutiques to try on the iconic Skinny bracelet, the perfect rivière bracelet with a second-skin effect.

Trendy Diamond Bracelets
  1. Move Uno Black Cord Bracelet White Gold For Her Diamond Bracelet 13209-WG
    Move Uno Black Cord Bracelet
    White Gold Diamond Bracelet
  2. Baby Move Yellow Gold For Her Diamond Bracelet 04324-YG
    Baby Move
    Yellow Gold Diamond Bracelet
  3. Skinny 1.6ct White Gold For Her Diamond Bracelet 04849-WG
    Skinny 1.6ct
    White Gold Diamond Bracelet
  4. Move Noa Bangle SM Yellow Gold For Her Diamond Bracelet 10092-YG
    Move Noa Bangle SM
    Yellow Gold Diamond Bracelet

The endless possibilities of diamond bracelets: gold, leather or cords, which to choose?

An exceptional stone with an intense radiance and unique, neutral colour, the diamond perfectly suits a range of shades and materials. Available in different shades of gold, Messika’s diamond bracelets for women enhance any look with radiance. So whether you have chestnut, brown or blond hair, or fair or dark skin, you're sure to find the perfect gold for your diamond bracelet.
If you’re looking for a piece of luxury jewelry that makes a fashion statement, look no further than the coloured leather diamond bracelet. Matte or glossy, it adds a modern, rock touch to your looks. The cord diamond bracelet for women is casual-chic alternative for those looking for a discrete piece of luxury jewelry that can be easily worn every day. Khaki, pink, cream or yellow, the cord diamond bracelet now comes in a range of colours and combinations. Don’t hesitate to discover this iconic everyday piece of jewelry on the Messika website.

How to style these diamond bracelets.

Whether you prefer a discreet or confident look, don't be afraid to stack gold diamond bracelets . Stacking gives you endless opportunities to express yourself. Here are the best tips to successfully elevate your look:
Balanced shapes: think about the harmony of the lines and designs of your diamond bracelets. Create the perfect contrast by pairing fine, delicate jewelry with a bolder piece, such as the Messika Skinny bracelet or Move Noa bangle bracelet.
Coherent colours: avoid a rainbow effect, think about matching shades and choose a dominant colour for greater harmony. Use the same design: don’t hesitate to match three or four diamond bracelets from the same collection with a mix of settings or all-gold versions.
Last but not least, a daring approach is your best bet for an inspired and inspiring stack of bracelets.

Diamond Bracelet Messika Cares
New Move Diamond Bracelet
  1. So Move Bangle Yellow Gold For Her Diamond Bracelet 13757-YG
    So Move Bangle
    Yellow Gold Diamond Bracelet
  2. Messika CARE(S) Beige Cord Bracelet Yellow Gold For Her Diamond Bracelet 14099-YG
    Messika CARE(S) Beige Cord Bracelet
    Yellow Gold Diamond Bracelet
  3. Move Noa Full Pavé Bangle White Gold For Her Diamond Bracelet 12722-WG
    Move Noa Full Pavé Bangle
    White Gold Diamond Bracelet
  4. Move Link Multi Yellow Gold For Her Diamond Bracelet 12187-YG
    Move Link Multi
    Yellow Gold Diamond Bracelet