The Flex Move Uno Bangle
23 May 2022
If you could only choose one...
The Flex Move Uno Bangle

This spring, Messika adds two new diamond bracelets to its iconic collection: the Flex Move Uno bangle in small and medium models. The creations that answer all of our diamond bracelet needs. Both elegant and discreet, they underline our wrist with a soft gold thread. The iconic Move Uno motif in motion provides the essential touch of sophistication. In short, it is the perfect bracelet that will become your ideal daily companion.

Discover the Flex Move Uno bangle bracelet PM
Discover the Flex Move Uno bangle bracelet MM

Innovation that makes a difference
These bold, signature designs are a technical masterpiece. They combine flexibility and rigidity thanks to a special alloy that allows them to stretch and then regain their shape when opened. Added bonus? The hidden gap behind the Move Uno motif! These Flex bangles can be put on and taken off in an instant, making them second skin bracelets that combine comfort and elegance.

Move Uno, or the ideal collection
Timeless and iconic, the Move Uno collection offers creations that connect generations. With their elegant and discreet designs, Move Uno luxury jewelry knows how to seduce people from all generations. To be used on any occasion, they can be worn alone, underlining their delicate elegance, or with other Messika diamond jewellery for a more modern look.

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