2017 Christmas Gifts
18 December 2017
The Guide
2017 Christmas Gifts

Get a taste of your childhood this Christmas! Write a wish-list glittering with  diamond shimmers, the most precious of stones. Feverishly anticipating the moment, here at long last, then joyfully opening THE gift. A modern-day couture creation, a piece for the self and an ever-present companion. Structured, lightweight, bold or glamorous, the Messika pieces are entirely hand-crafted. They instantly lift your outfit, make a style statement and boost your confidence like nothing else. But which will you choose? To help with your dilemma, here are a few ideas listed by category.

This is M


Your enigmatic arrival bewitches the eyes, winning admiration wherever you go. Your posture is regal, your elegance refined, for peerless chic that naturally captivates. You're innately drawn to safe investments. Valérie Messika's favourite pieces include the bangle bracelets, which have become a Messika signature over time. The Move Noa bangle bracelet encircles your wrist like a contemporary white gold ribbon. It is set with three moving diamonds to symbolise the love of yesterday, today and tomorrow, celebrated amongst family and friends on this wonderful Christmas night.

Move Noa bangle in white gold: 5900€


You like your Christmas warm and graphic. The essentials appeal and you're inspired by the purity of the lines. These pieces are your faithful companions. They're a second skin and an illustration of the understatedness and refinement you feel. The Move Romane ring pairs a strand of diamonds with a solid pink gold band developed by Messika. Between these two lines of gold, three diamonds slide and gleam as you move. With a contemporary design and timeless elegance, this ring is made for you.

Move Romane ring in pink gold: 3150€


You're free, turning your back on conventions. Christmas will be enchanting for your loved ones and a chance to treat yourself. The designs are hypnotically powerful on bold, charismatic pieces and new trends. You'll love them. The capsule collection co-designed with the radiant Gigi Hadid was created with you in mind! Fitted with an ingenious new sliding fastening system, the length of this Move Addiction pendant necklace can be adjusted as desired. With the prominent, rocky, almost raw-edged angles, the reinterpreted Move motif has a strong punk vibe on the choker version. It's a limited edition so be quick!

Move Addiction necklace in white gold: 1750€