Baselworld 2018
25 March 2018
International Jewelry Show

All competing with technological and artistic flair, new watches and jewelry are unveiled each year at the international Baselworld exhibition, profiling future key trends. Whether these are innovations or re-releases, their first public appearances take centre stage in Basel, monopolising the attention and presence of all the major players in the sector: prestigious houses; big names; talented young brands; retailers; and journalists from all over the world. For the 101st edition of this unmissable event, Maison Messika invited visitors to discover the wonderful story of its latest creations, a reflection of its expertise, in a place which is faithful to the brand – audacious, aesthetic and captivating.

Luminous Architecture

A transparent structure with contemporary architecture welcomed visitors to the Maison during the exhibition. At the entrance, a flowerbed strewn with roses and illuminated by Gigi Hadid’s radiant face, transported visitors straight into the Messika universe. Exhibited in a majestic aerial sculpture, the bangle bracelets defied gravity to celebrate Move, the flagship collection with three moving diamonds. With perpetual finesse, Valérie Messika recreated her universe everywhere, scattered here and there, with fragrance and musical signatures, and visual notations – white trimmed with copper, grey, touches of rose gold and grey wood. The promise of a true sensory experience at the heart of the diamond.

High Jewelry Narration

Inspired by the richly illustrated editions of Edmond Dulac, Gustave Doré and Kay Nielsen, Valérie Messika has created a fairytale collection of 22 pieces of Haute Joaillerie based on The Little Mermaid, The Snow Queen, Arabian Nights and The Bright Falcon. Exceptional sets whose magnificence does not compromise freedom of movement, designed for the heroines of our time – powerful women who shimmer with style. From these tales arises a couture interpretation of diamonds, embodied by the ultra modern face of Sasha Pivovarova, and captured by the lens of the famous Katja Rahlwes.

Spatio-Temporal Parenthesis

To transcend these diamond styles which demonstrate an outstanding level of technical mastery, the High Jewelry room was built like a jewelry box. A setting similar to that of a museum offering a night-time interpretation under a sky dotted with stars that echoed the Thousand and One Nights. In a fantasy collection accentuated by the soundscape and the darkness sliced through with beams of light, the visitors were immersed in the narration of these imaginary worlds where everything is possible. The sparkling, levitating jewelry pieces – earrings, necklaces, chokers, earcuffs, rings, and bracelets – were suspended in space and time.