Messika by Kate Moss
08 October 2020
New High Jewelry collection
Messika by Kate Moss

Kate Moss and Valérie Messika are two dynamic women at the heart of a unique High Jewelry collection: Messika by Kate Moss. Together, they have created a collection of fashionable diamond jewelry that is uniquely eclectic and skilfully diverse, like an homage to versatile women who have transcended generations and styles.

This is M

Having left her mark on the fashion world with her free-spirited approach, as a designer, Kate Moss playfully works with jewelry. Guided by her own rules and instinct, she now takes on the role of luxury jewelry designer alongside Valérie Messika and promotes delicate, bold and uncomplicated High Jewelry that allows her to assert her style and celebrate her different identities.

Between them, they have created a number of unique High Jewelry pieces that highlight the movement of the gems, fluid lines and versatile jewels, which can be worn boldly in various ways. Together, they share a common language that centres around different combinations of gold, diamond sizes and the use of precious materials. Eclectic and colourful, the collection is designed to come to life. Resolutely free, they create jewelry that reflects their personalities. As designers and stylists, they bring their vision of casual luxury to life.

This stunning and surprising campaign is embodied by the High Jewelry collection and the collaboration between these two free-spirited women. Behind the lens of the famous Australian photographer Chris Colls, Kate Moss dares to be bold. Between confidence and nonchalance, she dances, laughs and thrives in the hustle and bustle of Paris.