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Lucky Move Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli: For women who maintain an element of mystery, this gemstone captivates with its intense blue, which sometimes sparkles with pyrite.

Lucky Move White Mother-of-Pearl

White Mother-of-Pearl: In a unique version, the designer combines her precious pink gold and diamond medallion with White Mother-of-Pearl, synonymous with purity.

Lucky Move Turquoise

Turquoise: the stone of freedom, synonymous with letting go, which combines perfectly with pink gold.

Lucky Move Malachite

Malachite: the stone of authenticity for women who express with sincerity and commitment what they are deep down.

Desert Bloom Stacking

Let's play with a collection of exquisite feminity.

My Twin Stacking

Stacking of pears and emeralds, the union of opposites.