The Messika man
26 November 2019
Move for Men
The Messika man

Men's titanium and diamond pieces understatedly convey personality and are the finishing touch for a certain masculine style. Titanium and diamond bracelets, rings and necklaces are a mainstay of a contemporary wardrobe and embody a distinctive character.

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A durable, highly scratch-resistant metal, titanium is light and comfortable to wear. It is sturdy yet carefully crafted, featuring brushed matt sections, highlighted by its polished finish and attention to detail. These qualities make Move Titanium a jewelry collection for men with a discreet yet distinguished elegance that embodies a certain male ruggedness.

Move Natural Titanium combines the simplicity of light grey titanium and the purity of diamonds for the man who is adventurous, inspired by travel and loves to roam the great outdoors surrounded by nature. Its authenticity befits a casual, functional look, consisting of jewelry of timeless luxury made with the finest natural materials.

Move Titanium Graphite offers the style of a charcoal grey tone, lifted by the brightness of diamonds. It befits the sophisticated man who brings elegance to every moment: whether working, resting or playing, certain features stand out, such as the titanium and diamond cuff links that complete the look.