Sylvia Hoeks Interview
19 November 2019
The future belongs to her
Sylvia Hoeks Interview

« With her shaved head and hyper-sexy silhouette, Sulvia Hoeks embodies the modern and disruptive face of my trio, possessing both strength and gentleness, mixing androgyny and ultra-femininity » 

Valérie Messika

This is M

What kind of women wears Messika according to you?

Every woman can wear Messika diamond jewelry because it’s so versatile. I am sure here’s a design for every type of woman in these diamond jewelry collection.

Do you have a specific Jewelry or High Jewelry collection from Messika that really speaks to your personality and style?

Desert Bloom, the new diamond high jewelry collection is my absolute favorite, and especially the diamond earcuff earrings, They're so elegant. I would wear one earring on one side that would stand out and nothing else. It’s so easy to wear it day and night time.

What makes Messika different from other Maison of jewelry ?

Messika is young, creative and innovative in a way that really speaks to me. It’s strong but open-minded.

What is an important characteristic for a jewelry diamond jewel ?

To me a piece of jewelry should highlight the beauty that you have inside.

How was the Messika campaign shooting for you ? Did you know each other before?

I had so much fun shooting the campaign. It brought me back to when I was a young model before I went to theatre school and I could feel the fun and the energy again. Valérie and all people involved are wonderful and driven, it was such a pleasure!

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