24h in quarantine with...
07 May 2020
Valérie Messika
24h in quarantine with...

Valérie Messika, the founder of Maison Messika, shares with us her daily routine.

This is M

The quarantine in family
V.M: “I am currently in my country house with my husband and my 2 daughters, and also my sister-in-law and her family. So well surrounded! I obviously stay very close to my family as I call them every day to get news. Being there, helps as we have a big garden and the kids can enjoy being outside.”

My Home office
V.M:” The light is an obsession for me. This obsession came from my childhood. I used to look at my dad searching for light to look into diamonds, and in diamonds you have so many reflections of light. So, I guess my eyes has been used to this special light. My office is very light full. It is in this area that I feel the most comfortable.As you can see in my work area, all the walls has a window, so I can feel like I am outside but inside in the same time.”

New routine
V.M:”It is really important to stick to a routine, to not loose track. We wake up around 8am during the week, have breakfast all together. Then I take the opportunity to make family calls. With these circumstances, I have the impression that it is even more important to see yourself even if it is through a screen. I finish my morning on home schooling with my daughters. I prefer to do this in the morning so that they can enjoy the outdoors in the afternoon. The afternoon is devoted to work. I do a list of topic that I need to do everyday. At the end of the afternoon, I take the opportunity to do a sports session and also relax with my family.”