Make My Move-Cuir Baby Pink-XS Leather Mixed Bracelet 32032-XS
Make My Move-Cuir Beige Nude-XS Leather Mixed Bracelet 32008-XS
Make My Move-Cuir Blanc Neige-XS Leather Mixed Bracelet 32007-XS
Make My Move-Cuir Bleu de Chine-XS Leather Mixed Bracelet 32003-XS-1
Make My Move-Cuir Bleu Santorini-XS Leather Mixed Bracelet 32011-XS
Make My Move-Cuir Chocolat-XS Leather Mixed Bracelet 32030-XS
Make My Move-Cuir Gris Foncé-XS Leather Mixed Bracelet 32000-XS
Make My Move-Cuir Jaune Vénitien-XS Leather Mixed Bracelet 32012-XS
Bracelet Mixed Leather Make My Move-Cuir Noir-XS 32001-XS
Make My Move-Cuir Orange Tangerine-XS Leather Mixed Bracelet 32010-XS
Bracelet Mixed Leather Make My Move-Cuir Rose Fushia-XS 32006-XS
Make My Move-Cuir Rouge-XS Leather Mixed Bracelet 32002-XS
Make My Move-Cuir Taupe-XS Leather Mixed Bracelet 32013-XS
Make My Move-Cuir Tobacco Nubuck-XS Leather Mixed Bracelet 32014-XS
Make My Move-Cuir Vert Anglais-XS Leather Mixed Bracelet 32009-XS
Make My Move-Cuir Vert Olive-XS Leather Mixed Bracelet 32004-XS
Make My Move-Cuir Violet-XS Leather Mixed Bracelet 32005-XS
Make My Move-Cuir Turquoise-XS Leather Mixed Bracelet 32031-XS
Make My Move-Cuir Rose Fluo-XS Leather Mixed Bracelet 32067-XS
Make My Move-Cuir Orange Fluo-XS Leather Mixed Bracelet 32069-XS
Make My Move-Cuir Jaune Fluo-XS Leather Mixed Bracelet 32068-XS
Make My Move-Cuir Vert Malachite-XS Leather Mixed Bracelet 32058-XS

Leather Bracelet

My Move Bracelet


Free delivery for all online purchase
Free delivery for all online purchase


Personalise your MY MOVE bracelet in no time, thanks to a quick and easy interchangeable strap system that allows you to change your luxury bracelet as you wish.
1. Choose the colour of your strap
2. Select your wrist size
A unique opportunity to assert your style and personality by creating your very own jewelry piece. What about you, what will you chose today?

Item details

Reference: My Move leather and diamond bracelet

Universe: Jewellery
Collection: My Move
Type of jewelry: Leather bracelet
Metal: Yellow gold
Stones: Diamond
Total diamond weight: 0.08 carat, G/VS quality
Weight of gold: 4 grams Weight of titanium: 2 grams Motif size: 24.5 mm x 9.6mm
Bracelet length: 8mm Category: Mixed Bracelet

All of the jewelry pieces in the Messika Jewelry collection are unique. The weight, size and carat weight of each piece can vary slightly from one creation to another.

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