Which diamond cut is right for you?

Do you know all the shapes and cuts of diamonds? Cushion, oval, emerald, brilliant-cut... Each cut has its own special characteristics! Which MESSIKA diamond ring to choose? The Maison will advise you on the ones best suited to your style and your fingers.

Diamond ring: brilliant cut

Traditional diamond ring cuts

These are the most popular cuts when buying a diamond ring. Classic, timeless shapes.

Brilliant-cut diamond ring: this is the essential diamond cut to celebrate an eternal union. Most women's engagement rings feature a solitaire with a brilliant-cut diamond. This elegant round shape is the most dazzling of all.

Emerald-cut diamond ring: hypnotic, bold and graphic, the emerald-cut diamond ring lends a vintage allure with its rectangular shape. As this cut has fewer facets, impurities will be more visible, so it is better to choose a high-purity diamond.

Cushion-cut diamond ring: a very popular shape with a sparkle similar to that of the brilliant cut, the perfect balance between tradition and modernity. The cushion-cut diamond ring can be lengthened or shortened according to preference. It offers unparalleled refinement because it strikes the perfect balance between roundness and precision.

Refined diamond cuts to embellish your fingers

If you're looking for a diamond cut to enhance and refine your hands, these are perfect. Slightly more atypical shapes, delicate and sensual, ideal for a woman's engagement ring.

Pear-cut diamond ring: the ultimate feminine diamond cut! The pear-cut diamond ring will flatter your fingers with its drop-inspired contours. Voluptuous, this shape of diamond ring seduces the senses with its graceful curves.

Oval-cut diamond ring: here's another cut that embellishes the finger, the oval-cut diamond ring, which offers a high degree of radiance with its feminine rounded shape. Its elongated size gives a sophisticated visual effect by elongating the finger. A diamond ring, ideal for small hands!

Diamond ring: pear cut
Diamond Solitaire : original engagement ring

Original diamond rings

Diamond cuts that are out of the ordinary and stand out thanks to their ultra-sophisticated curves.

Marquise-cut diamond ring: an original diamond cut for the most daring engagement rings! This shape also compliments the fingers, while the pointed ends give the impression of a larger diamond.

Heart-cut diamond ring: a truly romantic cut! Highly symbolic, the diamond heart-cut ring is a more unusual shape that will appeal to the most sentimental wearers. It is the ring of love, so what could be better for a woman's engagement ring?

Creative diamond rings
  1. Ring For Her White Gold Diamond Joy Cœur 0.15-carat Diamond Pavé  11438-WG
    Joy Cœur 0.15-carat Diamond Pavé
    White Gold Diamond Ring
  2. Joy coeur 0.15-carat diamond ring Pink Gold For Her Diamond Ring 11439-PG
    Joy coeur 0.15-carat diamond ring
    Pink Gold Diamond Ring
Diamond Solitaire : timeless engagement ring

Which diamond cut are you dreaming of?

Talk to our jewelry experts to find out more about the diamond cuts for women's engagement rings that best suit your needs.