Say it with Messika
25 August 2021
Say it with Messika

It starts with a meeting, then the rest is history. The “Once upon a time...” can now begin. Among the milestones, there’s one important question. A momentous occasion in the life of any couple. A usually private event that is rarely captured on film. Tender. Light-hearted. Romantic. Unexpected. Passionate. Modern. Bold… Declarations of love are as varied as the stories they tell, each as unique as the ties that bind us to the one we love. And to capture the moment, what could be better than a photo booth. Behind the curtain, 5 different stories await. 5 unique ways to express love. Through her creations, Valérie Messika tells us about love at any age and in all its forms. By the end of the film, one thing is clear. Love is everlasting, and it doesn’t matter whether this eternity lasts for a moment or a lifetime.

This is M

Say it with Love

Mathéa, 20 & Roman, 21

In love for 2 years The proposal is an ode to love. Oblivious to the surrounding world, love radiates from us. Pure beauty, just like the M-Love diamond solitaire that embodies this link between soulmates. A single round, brilliant-cut stone, enhanced by an aura of diamonds. An ultra-feminine diamond solitaire to seal the power of love.

Say it with Fun

Nami, 31 & Quentin, 40

In love for 6 years A shared glance, a cheeky smile and a fit of giggles. There’s nothing more beautiful than the connection between two people in love. With its elegant design and center stone surrounded by diamonds, the M-Love emerald-cut diamond solitaire sets hearts racing. The stones call out to one another, each one complementing the other in a radiant pas de deux, like lovers who have been united.

Say it Forever

Catherine, 50 & Bernard, 67

In love for 32 years Has their story just begun? Are they celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary? Or have they found each other again after being lost? Who knows? Whether we’re 20, 40, 60 or 80, does our age or the passing of time change the way we love? The Concorde High Jewelry diamond solitaire is a perfect symbol of this love. Through an interplay of volumes, the three pavé-set sides of the ring form a heart.

This is M

Say it with Joy

Giula, 16 & Diego, 17

In love for 8 months Rimbaud once said that we aren’t serious when we’re 17, but are we any more so at 20? Sparkling eyes. A pounding heart. The promise of eternity, but it never seems too serious between bursts of laughter. After all, love cannot survive without freedom. While it’s a no to the engagement, it’s a yes to the ring. There has to be a diamond, but it’s allowed to be free with the iconic diamond ring of the Move Uno Jewelry collection.

Say it with Passion

Prescilla, 36 & Sarah, 35

In love for 4 years Him and her. Or maybe him and him. Or even her and her. Our adventure. Unique. One-of-a-kind. The emotion of the occasion symbolised by the seemingly obvious Move collection. Here, the Move Uno Jewelry diamond ring, with its sleek design and essential lines, combines strength and lightness to echo the power of diamonds. Creations that burst with character.