Love by Messika
26 January 2021
A selection of perfect jewelry pieces for Valentine’s Day
Love by Messika

Valérie Messika’s passion has always been to create diamond jewelry that celebrates love and accompanies women in each moment of their lives. Fashion accessories that are filled with symbols and emotions.

This is M

The precious talisman
As a signature Valérie Messika design that is reinterpreted each year, the diamond jewelry pieces from the Move Jewelry collections are true declarations of love: lightweight, playful, modern and precious. These luxury jewelry pieces celebrate love from the past, present and future with their perpetually moving diamonds.

The timeless Toi & Moi
For her My Twin Jewelry collection, Valérie Messika dares to unite opposites. With subtlety and boldness, the designer brings the delicate and exquisite pear-cut diamond face to face with the powerful and attractive emerald-cut diamond. An infinite duet that is simultaneously tender, original and delicate.

Boldness & Passion
Valérie Messika revisits the heart with boldness and passion to pay tribute to this emblem which is inseparable from Valentine’s Day. The pieces in the Joy Coeur Jewelry collection combine the timelessness of the diamond, the originality of the heart shape and bold wearing styles.