Messika Art of Giving
December 17, 2019
Messika Art of Giving

The tailor-made Messika jewelry box allows customers to enjoy a unique experience by creating an original and personalised case. Because we believe that giving luxury jewelry pieces to someone special should reflect the passion which inspires us all.

This is M

No concessions are ever made in assuring the product’s quality throughout its relentless and progressive search, brought to life by modern and original diamond jewelry and high jewelry collections - the hallmarks and DNA of the Messika Maison. Therefore, at Messika, we believe that luxury should reside within each detail and becoming the owner of one of these creations requires special attention.

Luxury, rock chic and exquisite pleasure
With this in mind, Messika offers you the chance to enjoy a unique experience. For every order made through our official website, each customer is also offered a jewelry box which combines sparkling luxury, tradition and modernity. An extraordinary jewelry box bathed in the powerful universe of the Messika Maison, onto which you can have the initials of your choice engraved in silver letters. A truly unique piece with street art flare, which reflects the innovating avant-garde codes of Parisian jewelry.

Double the box, double the pleasure
A refined casing which contains a second radiant box. Inside, the diamond jewels selected according to your desires will be enhanced: diamond rings, diamond bracelets, diamond necklaces or diamond earrings. Diamond jewels offered in a case which visibly highlights Messika’s expertise and the fierce passion of its founder, Valérie Messika, passing on to you her vision of modern and rock & roll luxury jewelry every day.