November 4, 2022

When the Messika Jewelry and High Jewelry Maison reinvents the iconic diamond Rivière motif, it leads the way for a dazzling collection of second-skin jewelry: D-Vibes, an ode to diamonds and movement. Valérie Messika composes a unique score here, where the brilliance of pavé gold and the radiance of stones alternate. An electro-pop vibe, for modern and inspired pieces.

Photographed at the Shangri-La Paris hotel
This is M

“With the D-Vibes jewelry collection, my aim was to surprise people by reinventing the iconic diamond Rivière, transporting it to a contemporary universe. The alternation of pavé gold and diamonds creates a new energy, as if a wave of light was radiating through the pieces.” Valérie Messika

For this jewelry collection, the Artistic Director has imagined an elegant and refined design, enhanced by the suppleness of the enamel. Like a string of gold and diamonds, the jewels ripple freely, adapting perfectly to the curves and bends of the body. Through movement and an interplay of materials, D-Vibes makes diamonds vibrate.

Gold and diamond necklaces, chokers, and bracelets become a second skin, like precious tattoos.

Flexible and light, D-Vibes also combines more assertive styles. Emerald-cut diamonds and multi-row chains provide the perfect amount of audacity, taking this collection to the forefront of High Jewelry. Sleek and elegant jewelry to wear on any occasion. D-Vibes also offers pieces that can be transformed, thanks to a sliding system - chokers or necklaces that can be adjusted according to your desires.

Breaking codes and never ceasing to surprise, D-Vibes upholds the disruptive vision of jewelry that is at the heart of Messika's DNA.