Kate Moss Interview
20 October 2020
Within the intimacy of the creative process
Kate Moss Interview

Valérie Messika has been a pioneer in the jewelry industry since she started. Is that one of the reasons why you wanted to work with her?

KATE MOSS (KM): Yes, she is really talented, young and cool! She really gets it: women want to wear diamonds easily and with a modern touch.

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Could you describe how the creative process with Valérie played out? How were you involved? What was your role?

KM: We just clicked straight away, Valérie Messika and I. After discussing our common passion for jewelry, we decided to collaborate on a collection. I brought my jewelry box along so that she could better understand what I liked. We worked together for a long time on these creations. Valérie succeeded brilliantly in reinterpreting my tastes through the aesthetic of Messika diamond jewelry.


How would you describe the collection in three words?

KM: Bohemian, timeless, eclectic

What was the biggest challenge in creating this collection?

KM: The challenge of succeeding in adapting and mixing my love for vintage pieces with the modern spirit of Messika.


What were your inspirations when creating this High Jewelry collection?

KM: This collection was inspired by my eclectic taste which can be seen in the pieces from different cultures and eras that I love from my own jewellery box.

What is your favourite piece in the collection?

KM: It's hard to choose, I think I'd have to say the magnificent Exotic Charm diamond necklace, the Bohemian Chic baguette-cut diamond bracelet and the Independent Icon ring.


What do you think is an important characteristic for High Jewelry to have?

KM: Quality and the origin of the stones. I know that Messika carefully selects each diamond and that the Maison abides by the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. Comfort is equally as important for me. In every piece, Valérie Messika creates a feeling of volume, movement and sensual fluidity.

Discover the collection and see the behind the scenes of the partnership.