Messika Man
03 June 2021
Move Titanium Collection
Messika Man

The sportsman: Black Titanium Diamond Cord Bracelet
Who said that you couldn’t combine sports with a precious, modern, light and characterful piece of jewelry? Certainly not the Messika Maison! By choosing a design from the Move Titanium collection, the sportsman will be able to indulge in his sport whilst revealing an impressive and noteworthy look. For example, wear a diamond cord bracelet or the Black Titanium version and the three black diamonds coupled with the black titanium will work wonders, even after you’ve left the locker room: game, set and match!

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The chic man: Natural Titanium Diamond Ring
To be stylish and stand out from the crowd no matter the occasion, it’s essential to wear a luxury, chic and precious piece of jewelry. In the Move Titanium collection for men, the Natural Titanium ring, set with a brilliant-cut diamond, could be the choice for you. A magnetic, Messika signed piece of jewelry, with a pure and simple design, also available in Graphite Titanium and Black Titanium. Why not also pair your ring with some black titanium or black diamond cufflinks from the Move Titanium collection, their strong, modern design will give your shirt an explosive sparkle.

The businessman: Graphite Titanium Diamond Bangle
Working tirelessly and distinguishing yourself in order to charm, the premise of a businessman is unchanging. A quest that also involves determining your own brand, in terms of personal style. The powerful Messika Graphite Titanium Bangle, brushed and set with moving white brilliant-cut diamonds, is an essential piece of jewelry for the modern and iconoclastic businessman. A charismatic bangle bracelet with a strong personality, to be worn alone, in combination with a steel watch or with a second Black Titanium Diamond Bangle Bracelet.

The travelling man: Diamond Pendant
It doesn’t matter where you go, so long as there’s excitement: Paris, Saint-Tropez, New York or the mountains of Kilimanjaro, the travelling man takes on every destination with the same insatiable appetite. The Messika Move Titanium white diamond pendant will become the unrivalled accomplice for your global explorations, available like all other jewels in the Move Titanium collection, in Natural, Graphite and Black. A luxury piece of jewelry in brushed metal with moving diamonds, worn close the skin on an ultra-light titanium chain. An original and daring talisman, this precious yet durable necklace will give even more emphasis to your personality, more class to your look and more panache to your adventures.