Valérie Messika’s jewelry box
19 February 2021
The designer’s 5 must-have pieces
Valérie Messika’s jewelry box

Since the creation of the Messika Maison in 2005, its founder has decisively displayed her disruptive vision of jewelry. Breaking codes, creating a modern, rock spirit, and maintaining uncompromising quality is the credo of Valérie Messika. She is an exceptional and passionate designer, who believes diamond jewelry needs to be wearable every day without constraint, while also reflecting the style and personality of each person with elegance and panache. We asked her to select five emblematic, must-have pieces from her different collections: welcome to Valérie Messika’s jewelry box!

This is M

#1: The Lucky Move necklace, an authentic lucky charm
The Lucky Move necklace selected by Valérie Messika is the realisation of her lifelong dream: to combine an asymmetrical jewel and a talisman into one luxurious jewelry piece. The result is a design that has already become an icon and can be worn in several lengths thanks to a clever sliding adjustment system. This reversible necklace, featuring 9 stones and just as many different colours, harmoniously combines the softness of the medallion with the power of the Move motif’s geometric design. A lucky charm crowned with diamonds, on the back of which a sweet message, an important date or initials can be engraved. In short, a true mantra for every Messika woman that is unique, free and radiant.

#2: The Move Classique diamond necklace, you're the first
Valérie Messika has a particular fondness for the Move Classique Jewelry collection. A collection which established Messika’s signature jewelry in 2007. The Move Classique diamond necklace has since become an iconic piece, displaying a resolutely modern, rock look for the brand’s jewelry. A flamboyant jewel, featuring a cage that houses 3 moving diamonds, symbolising love yesterday, today and tomorrow. The radiance of the bezel-set stones on a chain in three different golds is enhanced and naturally revealed to capture everyone’s gaze. An emblematic and precious necklace, available with or without pavé setting, which suits all women.

#3: Move Romane and Move Noa diamond Bangle bracelets for wrists of love
Valérie Messika introduces us to her own intimate world with the Move Romane & Move Noa collections. A declaration of passionate love, inspired by the first names of her two daughters. Among the jewelry in these two collections so dear to the heart and history of the audacious designer, the precious Messika diamond and gold Bangle bracelet never leaves her wrist. First, the Move Romane bangle bracelet is a wonderful piece of architectural jewelry with a strong character, adorned with five moving diamonds that are bursting with light. Next, the Move Noa bangle bracelet with or without pavé setting, featuring a very simple design and set with three moving diamonds, is proof of eternal love. Two exquisite pieces with mix & match combinations that are endorsed by Valérie Messika in person.

This is M

#4: A Skinny diamond bracelet for a diamond skin addict
The Messika Skinny bracelet is a piece of jewelry that expresses the remarkable expertise of the jewelers’ golden hands in the Messika Atelier. Created and designed as a strand of diamonds that is particularly fine and light with surprising flexibility, this diamond bracelet, in pink, white or yellow gold, slips over the wrist like a second skin or a pair of... Skinny jeans. Discreet but incredibly addictive, the Skinny bracelet represents the quintessence of a precious, classic and timeless diamond jewelry piece, which Valérie Messika wears at all times. An essential accessory, to be worn by itself or stacked, which will give your eternal little black dress an incomparable shine.

#5: My Twin Toi & Moi ring, a hypnotising jewelry piece
The ring is a jewelry classic that is revisited by Messika. The My Twin Toi & Moi design breaks traditional gender codes. A precious jewel, where the diamond, as if levitating, seals the explosive marriage with the sensual and delicate subtle pear cut, and the statuesque and stylised emerald. A magnificent piece of jewelry with varied geometry that plays with contrasts as well as conventions. A ring with a voluptuous design that also reflects the diamond expertise of Messika jewelers. A design that features exceptional stones for a unique look with its open gold ring on the top of the finger, perhaps even the index finger! To celebrate an engagement, wedding or birth, is a single diamond really necessary?