The Snow Queen Collection


This young girl harnesses her bravery and valour to free her friend from the polar queen's frozen and hypnotic hands. Playing off one another in majestic movements that reflect strong bursts of wind, the pear dons its frosty coat and transforms into not simply a diamond jewelry piece for women, but a High Jewelry work of art.

High Jewelry

High Jewelry


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Valérie Messika revisits the pear-cut diamond and creates, for this Snow Queen collection, 6 ultra-fashionable diamond High Jewelry sets. These High Jewelry sets are strong and powerful to pay tribute to the heroine of ice. The pear-cut diamond undergoes an enormously modern transformation in these High Jewelry creations. In her quest for finding new ways to wear jewelry, Valérie Messika creates exceptional pieces: diamond necklaces, diamond earrings, diamond rings, all bold and radiant. Combined with the unique expertise of the Messika Maison, these hypnotic pear cuts undulate and capture the light. This exceptional women’s diamond jewelry reveals in a whirling of radiance all the technical skill of the Messika Maison. A Jewelry and High Jewelry Maison par excellence, Messika pays special attention to the innovation of jewelry techniques. In its atelier in the heart of Paris, exposed beams, wooden workbenches and ancestral tools live alongside graphic design and cutting-edge technology and create a successful concoction of jewelry tradition and technical innovation. From gouache to mounting, soldering, setting and polishing, all crafts are represented and contribute to bringing the most beautiful dreams to life in diamonds. Our craftspeople work away at the atelier workbenches dedicated to High Jewelry. Here, artists, model makers, CAD (computer-aided design) specialists, jewelers, gem-setters and polishers craft unique luxury jewelry for men and women. Ancestral expertise where each piece of diamond jewelry is a work of art, the fruit of a chain of talents.