A guide to unforgettable gifts

Dare to choose exceptional radiance for a gesture full of meaning. A present creates a special bond between the gift-giver and the receiver. A multitude of emotions is enhanced by the many facets of diamonds.
An enlightening and illuminating overview of the most fitting occasions to gift your loved ones some luxury diamond jewelry.

Gift a piece of luxury jewelry for a timeless gift

What makes a diamond such an unforgettable luxury gift?

You’re looking for a unique gift that will make that special someone’s eyes light up, and there are a thousand different ways to say, ‘I love you’, but they pale in comparison to diamond jewelry. Queen of the gemstones, the diamond has its own unique, eternal aura and unparalleled prestige.
Dare to gift something bold and unique by choosing a piece of luxury jewelry. The diamond is a highly emblematic and precious stone, thanks to its extreme hardness and intense shine.

It is the only natural stone to score a 10 on the Mohs scale (used to measure the hardness of gems). The raw diamond was also one of the first stones to ever take form on our planet, with some dating back as far as 2.5 billion years. A beautiful symbol of eternity and a memorable present that can be worn day and night for years to come, without ever losing its shine.

Diamond jewelry: luxury gift guide Jewelry Guide : Diamond Jewelry Gifting Guide

“My first diamond”: celebrate every moment with a touch of radiance.

An exceptional stone typically associated with eternal love, nowadays diamond jewelry breaks tradition and can be used to celebrate all kinds of connections: familial love, friendship, sisterhood, or even to mark a special occasion or milestone.

Featuring new, contemporary and trendy designs, these luxury pieces also make the perfect accessories to gift to a loved one, or even to treat yourself to. Are you looking to celebrate a birthday, graduation or an important milestone with a touch of radiance? Available in a wide variety of styles, diamond jewelry is the luxury gift that is sure to enhance the celebration of any special moment.

Backed by its expertise and creativity, Messika has created a wide range of jewelry pieces that make for an affordable first diamond purchase. Whether it's a cord bracelet, a fine gold ring or a mono-earring, let Messika's selection guide you to the perfect diamond gift.

How to choose your diamond gift

A luxury gift, gifting diamond jewelry is no small gesture. Do you want to celebrate a special moment in your life or a bond with a loved one, but don't know which piece to choose? Be inspired by Messika's iconic jewelry designs.

Never out of fashion, the dazzling diamond ring is sure to seduce with its timeless brilliance, available in white gold, yellow gold or pink gold. Style tip: the legendary diamond Solitaire is perfect for combining with a cocktail ring to enhance the most beautiful of outfits. Discover more style tips in our diamond ring guide.
Ultra-fashionable and cross-generational, the diamond rivière bracelet makes the perfect statement piece to celebrate any special event.
If you're not sure of the size of your loved one's wrist or finger, why not opt for some diamond hoop earrings? Timeless earrings that go perfectly with any hairstyle: bob, long hair, pixie cut. Whether in an XXL or mini version, diamond hoop earrings are a staple piece in every jewelry box.

Move iconics
  1. Move Uno Pavé White Gold For Her Diamond Ring 05630-WG
    Move Uno Pavé
    White Gold Diamond Ring
  2. Baby Move Yellow Gold For Her Diamond Necklace 04323-YG
    Baby Move
    Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace
  3. Move Uno Chain and Stud earrings Yellow Gold For Her Diamond Earrings 12146-YG
    Move Uno Chain and Stud earrings
    Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings
Gift a piece of luxury jewelry for a timeless gift

The art of self-gifting: with a twist

The ‘joy of gifting’ also includes another type of gift - a more personal and unique one that has long been referred to as a 'guilty pleasure': a piece of jewelry that you gift to yourself. Nowadays, the art of self-gifting takes on a new meaning and diamond jewelry is the perfect choice. Precious and timeless, luxury diamond jewelry is ideal for bringing you joy while also marking a special moment. A true symbol of self-affirmation, it is the perfect way to congratulate yourself on a personal or professional achievement with a touch of radiance. Diamonds will add a touch of sparkle to your special day and serve as a lasting reminder for years to come. Whether rings, necklaces or earrings, treat yourself to the luxury diamond jewelry of your dreams.

Style tip: the diamond bangle bracelet is the perfect luxury gift for treating yourself. With its timeless, clean and stylish lines, this bracelet will stand the test of time. An exceptional, evocative piece of jewelry that you can proudly admire on your wrist.

The 4 pillars of diamond jewelry as an exceptional gift

A mythical stone with incredible power, discover the four pillars of the gem that has been cut throughout the ages.

• Emotional significance: as timeless as it is universal, the diamond magnifies the beauty within relationships. Gifting a piece of diamond jewelry can be a gesture of love, recognition or commitment.
• A symbol of eternity: a diamond will last your whole life and even beyond your time. These luxury jewels are therefore the perfect pieces for you to wear for years and eventually pass on.
• Beauty and sparkle: diamonds have a unique ability to reflect the light for a dazzling effect. Unrivalled vibrancy and energy.
• Investment potential: the diamond, being an exceptional gem, is highly valuable. Some stones of exceptional quality or distinctive colour can even increase in value over time, much like a work of art.

All Messika diamonds are GIA certified and subject to the Kimberley process, guaranteeing the integrity of their origin and making them an unforgettable gift.

Timeless jewelry selection
  1. Move Noa Bangle SM White Gold For Her Diamond Bracelet 10092-WG
    Move Noa Bangle SM
    White Gold Diamond Bracelet
  2. Fiery 0.10ct Yellow Gold For Her Diamond Necklace 12611-YG
    Fiery 0.10ct
    Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace
  3. Puces Move Uno Pink Gold For Her Diamond Earrings 05634-PG
    Puces Move Uno
    Pink Gold Diamond Earrings
  4. My Twin Toi & Moi 0.15ct x2 White Gold For Her Diamond Ring 06471-WG
    My Twin Toi & Moi 0.15ct x2
    White Gold Diamond Ring
Diamond Luxury Jewelery Gift

Choose diamond jewelry as a gift, the possibilities are endless.

Nowadays, diamond jewelry comes in a variety of incredible styles and wear options to suit every personality. A diamond for every message we wish to send!

A precious diamond ring is perfect for an engagement, while a white gold and diamond bracelet is the perfect present to celebrate a birthday. Not to mention chain necklaces, which are easily adaptable for all occasions and neck sizes. Aside from the classic ring or necklace, diamond jewelry can also come in the form of a mono-earring, ear clips, hand jewelry or ankle chains. Modern, uninhibited designs for a unique and original gift.

Make it mean more by opting for ethically responsible collections that show solidarity with international causes. Peruse the MESSIKA CARE(s) collection to find the perfect gift that means twice as much.