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Truly moving jewelry, say goodbye to traditional diamond rings. Vibrant, sleek, contemporary or daring, the diamond rings for women have been reimagined. Mini, maxi or stacked, the romantic diamond ring is transformed into a new fashion statement. Elegance is within your grasp.

Messika gold and diamond rings

The diamond ring makes its comeback

Long confined to the archaic symbol of eternal love, the diamond ring now reasserts itself in a new light. With an ultra-modern, new and innovative jewelry design, the diamond ring for women breaks free of traditional confines to become the ultimate fashion accessory for all.

A symbol of empowerment, the diamond ring is no longer destined to just be an engagement ring or a precious jewel hidden away in its box. So lightweight and comfortable, it’s easy forget it is even there. The ring can be worn all day every day to illuminate every moment of your life.

The classic diamond ring has been liberated, transforming it into an innovative and elegant statement piece that adorns the hand. Double diamond ring, two-finger ring, stacking rings - dare to try something new and elevate your look. Play with the movement of the stones to bring radiance to your everyday life. Diamonds that are weightless right down to their very core, push the boundaries.

A yellow gold, pink gold or white gold ring: what will you choose?

Gold diamond rings come in a range of shades, but how do you choose the right gold for your look? To avoid any problems and find the perfect match for you, remember to tailor your choice to your skin type and hair colour. The warm tones of yellow gold rings enhance brown and tanned skin, and contrast perfectly with cooler shades of blue, pale pink or violet. White gold is more versatile and goes with all skin tones, even the very lightest. Pink gold diamond rings add just the right touch of originality to your look. They are suitable for both fair and dark skin, and go perfectly with clothes in shades of beige, caramel or light grey.

Style advice: upgrade your look by mixing multiple gold colours. Pair the white gold rings and yellow gold rings, for an ultra-contemporary and bold look.

New diamond rings
  1. Fiery 0.10ct Pink Gold For Her Diamond Ring 12086-PG
    Fiery 0.10ct
    Pink Gold Diamond Ring
  2. So Move Yellow Gold For Her Diamond Ring 12936-YG
    So Move
    Yellow Gold Diamond Ring
  3. Move Uno Double White Gold For Her Diamond Ring 12857-WG
    Move Uno Double
    White Gold Diamond Ring

The diamond ring: A piece of eternity

A diamond ring is distinguished by the beauty of its stone. It is the queen of gems with its unique, timeless and unmistakeable aura. Round, emerald, pear or marquise, find the cut that perfectly complements your hand. Don't hesitate to visit a Messika boutique: our experts will be delighted to let you try on our creations and answer any questions that you may have.

When making your choice - whether to confirm your first instinct or your greater intuition - the 4C criteria will help you: Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut. Diamond expertise is an important factor when buying such a ring. Backed by core values and expertise, Messika provides you with all the guidance and support you need to make the right choice.

Today, the excellence of a diamond ring is also reflected by its traceability and ethical standards. All Messika diamonds are GIA certified and subject to the Kimberley process, guaranteeing the integrity of their origin.

Tips to find out your ring size

Your first instinct is confirmed by the design, the cut of the diamond and the aura of the precious metal. But before committing, it's important to know your ring size. Where will you wear it: ring finger, middle finger or index finger? Nowadays, diamond rings can be worn anywhere on the hand. You should also consider stacking a number of thin rings on the same finger. You’ve made your decision but do you know your size?

If you don’t have a tape measure, you can take a piece of string, a ribbon or paper, and wrap it around the base of your finger. Using a pen, make a mark where the ends meet. Then measure the result in millimetres.

You can then cross reference the table created by Messika. You can also find your size by comparing the circumference of one of your rings with the size guide.

Diamond rings for women: timeless luxury jewelry
Timeless diamond rings
  1. Move Uno Pavé White Gold For Her Diamond Ring 05630-WG
    Move Uno Pavé
    White Gold Diamond Ring
  2. Move Romane  Yellow Gold For Her Diamond Ring 06516-YG
    Move Romane
    Yellow Gold Diamond Ring
  3. My Twin Toi & Moi 0.15ct x2 White Gold For Her Diamond Ring 06471-WG
    My Twin Toi & Moi 0.15ct x2
    White Gold Diamond Ring
  4. Move Noa Pavé White Gold For Her Diamond Ring 06129-WG
    Move Noa Pavé
    White Gold Diamond Ring
Messika Diamond Ring Case

How to take care of your gold diamond ring

A diamond ring is a precious symbol, whether it is a treat for yourself or a reflection of your love for someone close to you. A unique ring for women needs to be carefully looked after so that it can accompany you in your everyday life.

While diamonds are eternal and gold is indestructible, to avoid marks and scratches, take off your diamond jewelry when doing sport and watch out for repetitive friction from manual activities. Creams and soaps should also be avoided. Remember to take off your gold diamond jewelry in the shower or when washing your hands. Soap residue can get into the chasing and cause irritation under your ring. Your diamond ring has been with you all day, and now it's time to put it safely away in its jewelry box. While mixing & matching is a trendy look for your hands, avoid putting multiple rings in the same box to prevent any additional scratches.

Messika provides its savoir-faire to help you look after your diamond rings. Do not hesitate to contact our boutiques or authorised retailers for more information.