13 September 2023

The Move, more formal and architectural than ever

This is without a doubt Move's most audacious interpretation. This icon of the jewelry and high jewelry Maison, with its gold cage and moving diamond, has been reinvented in an XXL version. Its curves are more imposing, and its central diamond is surrounded by a dazzling halo, making it all the more surprising. With So Move, the graphic motif becomes forms another link in a striking gold chain. Valérie Messika uses her signature designs to create a gold chain with a Messika twist. A new motif, even more powerful, expressive, resplendent.

This is M

The prestigious luxury jewelry collection

When creating the So Move diamond jewelry collection for women, the Founder and Artistic Director had one wish: to create a statement piece for those who aren't afraid to assert their style. No matter the look or occasion. Designing the curves of a true fashion piece, to be worn according to your mood and the moment. Sometimes stacked to reinforce its power, other times alone to amplify its prestige. This highly versatile diamond jewelry creation opens the door to almost as many possibilities as the classic little black dress. In gold or diamond-set versions, the So Move unisex collection is a perfect match for self-expression and all personalities. Whether for a formal celebration or everyday wear with a simple t-shirt.

Discover the new So Move collection

A women's diamond jewelry piece to stand out from the crowd

The reason Valérie Messika has succeeded in giving these new luxury jewelry pieces such a timeless dimension is undoubtedly because So Move offers a striking wearable presence. It's the luxury gift for women who want to stand out from the crowd. It's impossible to go unnoticed with this luxury jewelry creation. Whether in polished gold or with two rows of pavé diamonds, the contours of this diamond jewelry piece are breathtaking all on their own. Combined with a moving diamond, itself surrounded by a halo of diamonds, this is diamond jewelry that truly makes a lasting impression. The gold enhances the diamond, and vice versa. A creation somewhere between luxury jewelry and a sculpture.