How do I keep my jewelry shiny
5 September 2019
The Messika Guide
How do I keep my jewelry shiny

Intricate and loose sculptures, jewelry is not designed to be worn for physical activities. Their delicateness likes tranquility, not exercising or DIY or gardening. A diamond luxury jewel is a bit like a delicate garment you are attached to, it needs to be protected against dangerous situations. The diamond rings's finesse prefers the peacefulness of a jewelry case to the pressure of tools. 

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Are the diamonds not sitting right in their cage? You love your Move diamond jewels so much that you have never taken it off on holiday, or while you went swimming in the sea. The sea salt has probably accumulated inside. Soap and cosmetics can also dull the sparkle of the stones. Don’t panic, all you need to do is soak them in warm, soapy water and use a small soft brush. Rinse it in cold water and then simply dry it with a hair dryer to stop dust getting stuck on it.

Occasional companions or everyday companions, your diamond jewels are precious objects that require a bit of attention. If they get caught on your clothes, the claws have moved, if they make a little noise, then the diamonds have moved: in both cases, as a precaution take your jewel to an authorized reseller or a Messika store to get the setting checked.

Is your white gold wedding ring losing its sparkle? This is normal.
White gold does not exist in natural form. It is the result of an alloy between pure gold which is naturally yellow with other metals which give it this grey color. With time and repeated friction, the layer of rhodium gets finer. To stop the gold turning too yellow under this layer of rhodium, the great jewelry Maisons like Messika combine a very precious metal, palladium, renowned for its beautiful grey color. Therefore, even if your white gold ring fades with time, it will keep its color.