Shards of Mirror
12 November 2018
When fairytales become reality
Shards of Mirror

Valérie Messika grew up playing with the Queen of stones, she knows how to identify the most beautiful ones by reading their inner light. A fun exercise taught by her father André Messika. Naturally, Valérie wanted to give another dimension to her love of diamonds and after ten years of movement, growing success for her modern, refined and tattoo-like jewelry, she pushed her dreams a little further. For the 10th anniversary of the Maison, she brought together creation and craftmanship of her High Jewelry designs in one space: the Messika Atelier. A fairy tale come true ...
Once upon a time ...

This is M

When High Jewelry moves with the times.

What if the excellence of jewelry transformed the wonderful into matter? For the past 3 years, in a confidential location, nestled under Haussmann roofs, the Messika Atelier has given life to haute couture jewelry collections. About fifteen craftsmen, designers, model makers, jewelers, crimps, polishers are weaving the dream imagined by Valerie Messika. Necklaces, chockers, rings, bracelets, bangles, ear-cuff, earrings; all collective masterpieces that total hundreds or even thousands of hours of work done by hand. This year, characters from famous tales inspired Valérie Messika: The Snow Queen, The Little Mermaid, The Arabian Nights, The Bright Falcon. Heroines of modern times, both feminine and strong, that her adult imagination has transposed and transcended into 22 unique sets.

The Shards of Mirror plastron, The Snow Queen

Sumptuous, for a royal demeanour that is recognizable to the Snow Queen, this striking necklace took 950 hours of work, among which 40 hours for the gouaché. A sculptural symmetric piece with its 341 pear diamonds going head-to-head without ever touching one another. They conceal at their heart, a trio of loose diamonds with the most generous one reaching 3.42 carats. To achieve this prowess, the Atelier worked on the perfect alignment of stones that brings a wave of light to the décolleté.

Shards of Mirror