Rock & Move
13 November 2018
Gigi Hadid Moves Messika
Rock & Move

It all began with Move…
In ten years, the Move collection moved beyond the realm of “it-bijou” to take its place as an iconic collection in the history of jewelry.
The three moving diamonds - a symbol of past, present and future love - have become a signature collection of jewelry for the Company.
Crossing borders and uniting the generations, the precious cage renews itself every year without ever betraying itself.

This is M

A sparkling encounter…
This year once again, top model and fashion icon Gigi Hadid will be donning the Move diamond collection and breathing a touch of glamour and rock into it!

 “I love the delicate jewels that bring splendor to any look”

On the MOVE…
The bangles or round rigid bracelets are among the most iconic by House Messika. They transcend collections and adopt the boldest and most prudent styles.

The reason they are so well loved is that they adapt to all styles and situations.

Diamond-covered jewelry to be worn in isolation for a simple, disarming look or in combination to create a trend.

The choice is yours!

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