Messika Place de l'Etoile
16 September 2015
Messika shines place de l'Étoile
Messika Place de l'Etoile

At the top of the Champs Elysées, our muse, Malgosia Bela, is posing, enchanting and mysterious... Indeed, an impressive 250 square meters wide tension fabric embellishes the building facing the Arc de Triomphe : a tribute to High Jewellery with the exquisite Maya necklace.

A second tension fabric, as big as the first one, is placed at the back of the same building between Avenue Mac Mahon and rue de Tilsit, on which the Glamazone line sparkles with its delicate and yet strong lines. Thus, Messika takes over the legendary place on which all of the worldwide visitors come to capture forever their trip to the most romantic city of the world.