Your tailor-made solitaire
2 September 2021
Create your Messika diamond solitaire
Your tailor-made solitaire

Create your tailor-made Messika solitaire in 5 steps

Life is marked by a series of milestones, some of which are more significant than others. From declaring your passion to your loved one, to getting married or celebrating a birth, each of them is a unique and precious moments to be remembered... with an eternal stone. But how can you choose the perfect symbolic jewelry piece?
Since its creation, the Messika Jewelry and High Jewelry Maison has accompanied you throughout these magical events, designing jewelry that will capture these essential and celebratory moments of life forever. Our solitaires, promise rings, engagement rings and wedding rings in gold and diamonds all reflect the modern yet timeless spirit of our brand.

The Messika collection dedicated to marriage is based around several different ranges which combine design, technical innovation and the diamond expertise of Messika jewelers. Customisable jewelry that allows you to record and pass on the uniqueness of your story. From the setting to the choice of unique stone, Messika will work with you to create the diamond jewelry of your dreams.

Discover our diamond solitaires

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Choosing an engagement ring is undoubtedly a complex and challenging process that requires time. How do you get it right? How much should you spend? What style will you enjoy today, as well as tomorrow and in 20 years’ time?

To help you identify your dream diamond, all our creations start with a meeting. A meeting with one of our Ambassadors, an expert advisor in gemmology, who will guide you through the creative process. Whether you come by yourself or with your future partner, we invite you to attend an initial private appointment in one of our boutiques.

This meeting is an opportunity to discuss your style or that of your loved one, their tastes, your inspirations, their desires, etc. During the discussion, we will be able to better define the jewel of your dreams, according to your budget and lifestyle. This essential step is a time to exchange, share and discover.


The setting refers to the way in which the stones are set or mounted on a metal ring. The ring setting is designed to enhance the beauty of the diamond on the engagement ring. Do you want it to be lightweight? Modern? Timeless? Opulent? Rock? Yellow gold, pink gold or white gold? Platinum? A claw setting or another type? With or without an engraving?

There are numerous customisation options to choose from with the help of your consultant, allowing you to create the setting of your dreams which is entirely unique for you. Each setting, no matter its style, is handmade and made-to-measure in order to enhance the shape and size of the selected diamond.
Only the meticulous work of our expert setters allows the stone to reveal its full radiance.

Discover a variety of styles, from traditional solitaire diamond engagement rings to more contemporary diamond pavé or diamond halo designs, each one is made using unrivalled craftsmanship and respect for our impeccable quality standards.


The choice of stone is an essential step in the creation of your jewelry piece. Like a human fingerprint, each diamond has its own specific characteristics. The 4Cs: colour, clarity, cut and carat, are the four universal standards used to assess the quality of a diamond.

For 50 years, Messika has been dedicated to finding the most beautiful diamonds: those that not only meet the scientifically defined criteria of colour and purity, but those which also, through their proportions and perfect shapes, possess a unique spirit and harmonious beauty to create the unique character of each stone. Each Messika diamond undergoes a rigorous selection process. Obtained from responsible sources, cut with the utmost care, and examined and re-examined by expert gemmologists, only 0.5% of them will pass this stage and satisfy Messika’s exacting eye to become a stone of emotion.

Round, pear, marquise, princess, cushion or emerald-cut... Each diamond shape has its own unique qualities. Discover which shape of diamond reflects your personality and love.

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After the setting and stone have been chosen, your ring can be made. In our secret workshops, diamond and metal are intertwined to become one. Thanks to the hands of our expert jewelers, the strokes of our master setters and the wires of our polishers, your jewelry piece is brought to life. Entirely handmade, this long and meticulous work requires great patience and expertise.

The end result is a precious ring carefully protected in a stunning white and pink gold case designed by Messika. When you open it, a hidden beam of light illuminates the jewel, projecting the fiery radiance of the diamond that is revealed before your bedazzled eyes.

By its side, you will find the certificate of authenticity issued by Messika as well as the internationally recognised GIA laboratory certificate for diamonds over 0.30ct. This document describes the essential characteristics of your diamond, from its 4C rating to its unique laser-inscribed serial number.

This jewelry piece will be worn every day for years to come. It therefore seems natural to talk about its care. And there is no need to worry.

Messika creations have a two-year warranty, which can even be extended to three years if you register your purchase on

This free service is offered throughout the life of your ring and not only guarantees that your diamonds are cleaned, but also allows you to regularly check (every six to twelve months) that the setting of your stones is still at its best. Properly cared for, your ring will retain its shine and charm for years to come. Contact us or bring your ring into one of our boutiques to have it cleaned.

We ensure that we provide the highest quality craftsmanship and repair all items made by Messika. You can bring your jewelry piece to your nearest Messika boutique.